TMC The Members Club: A New Opportunity SHARING ECONOMY

TMC The Members Club: A New Opportunity SHARING ECONOMY

What is TMC?

We are a decentralized SHARING ECONOMY community with global presence.In TMC we create a disruptive ecosystem that allows our members to learn, win and grow, through 3 membership levels: Member, Premium, Founder.

We consider education as one of the fundamental pillars in the creation of wealth and sustainability, which is why we have developed an intelligent academy: TMC Academy, where our members access 3 learning levels about Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, DeFi, Metaverse, NFTs, Synthetic Indexes, Coaching and Leadership. In TMC Academy our members have an educational, fun and efficient experience based on the concepts of gamification, alongside a team of professional educators and high impact coaches.

In TMC we do what we teach. We actively participate in DeFi projects, web 3.0, metaverse and NFTs in multiple blockchains; we also create growth strategies in synthetic indexes. This allows our members to have rewards in the short, medium and long term while participating in TMC Pools.

Our vision is to: “Create a global community of 1,000,000 active members for 2026”. Therefore, we develop a system of in person and virtual events. Through TMC Events, our members have access to private training, wealth nights, bootcamps, international conferences and other TMC experiences.

Meet some of our team’s members from our Corporate Team and Collaborators

A business’ success is determined by the direction model it uses. In TMC we understand this importance, which is why we have a Corporate team led by experts and professionals that shape the direction and focus of our community.

Our CEO: Mr. Francisco Rueda.

Mr Rueda has more than 12 years of experience as manager and director of important companies in the automotive industries, in entertainment and entrepreneurial groupings in countries like Perú, Chile, Colombia and Argentina. Due to his trajectory and results in the enterprise world, Mr. Francisco Rueda is the ideal person to run TMC’s strategic plan for the following years and develop TMC’s mission and vision.

Mr. Francisco has a vast professional preparation with diverse titles and awards from highly prestigious universities. Francisco Rueda is Specialist in High Management, he is an expert in Business Intelligence, Big Data, Growth Marketing, and Marketing expert with a financial focus and has an MBA from Spain’s Business School. His entrepreneurial focus and vision has allowed him to increase the results of the companies he has led, climbing positions and surpassing the goals proposed. In his journey, he has held important conferences around the world about economics and global markets. He has impacted the people of his organization, clients and collaborators.

His passion for finance and economy has led him to train himself in the stock market, cryptocurrencies and international commerce. Nowadays, his learnings are very relevant, just as he states: “I have the role of my dreams leading TMC ever since he knew about cryptocurrencies in 2016”. He also comments that TMC is “a community that has been able to position itself in the market, break the highest standards, create wealth and sustainability for millions of people”

Our Experience Director: Mr. Álvaro Abril

He has the best qualifications on an entrepreneurial level, with great experience in the technological campus. Mr. Álvaro Abril is an electronic engineer and software developer specialized in IT+, Artificial Intelligence and the Metaverse, with more than 25 years of experience in management and administrative roles. He has been IT Manager of multinationals and prestigious casinos in Spain, Colombia, Taiwan, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Venezuela, the US and Saudi Arabia.

Álvaro is an expert in Gamification, Social Media and Marketing. Thanks to his personal vision and his passion for the digital world, Álvaro will lead TMC to pioneer in the technological markets. “In TMC we don’t follow tendencies, we create them”, states Álvaro.

Our Financial Manager: Mr. Luis Alejandro Tocora  

In TMC we know that to obtain the maximum benefits in the opportunities of the digital ecosystem, we need the right team. A team that has the skill to research, analyze and develop ideal strategies to potentiate such opportunities.

Luis has vast experience as a manager and professional trader in synthetic indexes. He is a blockchain expert, DeFi, web 3.0 and NFTs specialist, which turned him into the ideal professional to lead our analysts and advisers group.

In the last years, Luis has developed himself as an educator for private businessmen groups in Colombia and the US. He taught about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Additionally, Luis has had relevant roles as Chief Operating Officer for many companies, possesses a specialization in information security, besides being an analyst and systems programmer. With his knowledge and disruptive thinking, Luis looks to bring all his experience so the community “has certainty of the safe and sustainable management TMC gives to his participants” , Luis adds.

Our Official Mentor: Mr. Andrés La Rotta

He possesses a professional trajectory built above the pillars of excellence, compromise and integrity. Andrés La Rotta is a businessman with a wide experience in leadership and coaching. He has had the opportunity to visit more than 48 countries sharing his mission and purpose, positively impacting the lives of thousands around the world. He has been mentor and coach of recognized public figures like soccer players, singers, businessmen and influencers. He arrives at TMC with the objective of “facilitating the information access through high level training”, tells Andrés.

Andrés La Rotta is a Business Administration and International Businesses professional. He has an MBA and is a certified coach. He is the founder and representative of Mi Mentor Pro. He created the 30 Days Plan for Abundance and the 90 Days Plan of Intensive Action. He was part of the “Piense y Hágase Rico: El Legado” (Think and Become Rich: The Legacy) documentary. Thanks to his love for reading, he has become the most successful Hispanic growth coach, with the objective of reading 100 books a year and sharing that knowledge with others.

Andrés has created a high value training: 21 Days Plan (exclusive for TMC members), where he teaches how to create, develop and fulfill your own retirement plan with TMC.
The world has already changed, the opportunities of this decade will allow millions of people worldwide to become millionaires. TMC, The Members Club, “has structured a Road Map for the next 5 years, where it develops an innovative ecosystem, with business tools, participation pools and disruptive compensation plans, that will allow any member to take advantage of such opportunities” , establishes the CEO, Mr. Francisco Rueda.