This Innovative Mortgage Lending Platform Is Creating Solutions For All Types Of Clients and Transforming The Lending Process One Client At A Time

This Innovative Mortgage Lending Platform Is Creating Solutions For All Types Of Clients and Transforming The Lending Process One Client At A Time

Chris Groves is the owner and CEO of Groves Capital, a residential and commercial lending company. At the early stages of his life, being just in his early 30’s, he is already running the fastest growing mortgage company in the United States. Chris worked on the real estate side for many years, however, once he saw real estate was gravitating more towards online platforms, he knew it was time for a change. Chris now has mortgage offices in close to 20 states with 300 loan officers and 65 processors.

“Mortgage requires more of a strategist mindset which isn’t easy to accomplish online; it requires more hands on and creative thinking. My goal was to create a platform for long term partnership , that means changing as the market and economy changes to be the best fit for our partners,” states Chris. 

From a small town in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin, Chris has become a master of the mortgage lending industry without receiving help from anyone, but instead hard work and discipline. “I have sacrificed my time to be the most successful as possible,” states Chris. 

With his extensive experience in real estate and mortgage lending, as well as extensive knowledge of credit, Chris has created loan options and creative solutions that will adapt to the mortgage lending needs of anyone. “We focus on always having solutions for our clients to accomplish their goals with over 1,000 loan products and 160 lenders,” says Chris. Furthermore, Chris differentiates himself from anyone else in the industry through his strong work ethic, customer service, and communication skills, and he will always be the hardest worker in the room. “I always have big energy and confidence but I still have a big heart and I truly care about the impact I have on others lives,” shares Chris. 

Through his expertise, Chris Groves tackles the main obstacles that make people shy away from buying a home such as credit and obtaining loans. He has worked on solutions for all types of clients, including individuals who are self employed. While most banks don’t have these solutions, Chris has developed bank statement programs, asset depletion loans, bridge loans, hard money loans, and ARM loans and works with over 160 lending platforms to be able to help pretty much anyone! “You heard of the statement you can’t have it all? We have solutions for these clients!,” says Chris. 

In addition to creating vast options for clients, Chris has created a business that not only benefits its clients, but also its employees. By creating a hybrid lending model as both a broker and lender, loan officers are able to have better financial benefits. Furthermore, as a virtual platform, loan officers can work from the comfort of their own home or office space, which means Chris can give clients the best rates possible, while also compensating their loan officers with the most income. Furthermore, Chris has worked on building a back-end software that is proprietary to Groves Capital

While most other companies are behind the times with their platforms and technology, Chris has focused on efficiency and simplicity in their systems to help their partnered loan officers perform at their highest level. “The more streamline the systems are, the more our partners can focus on driving more business to their pipeline,” Chris explains. 

This year, Chris is working on launching a third party processing company called United Wholesale Processing, as well as a third party funding company. This means that they will soon have their own underwriters in house, and once they achieve these steps, servicing will be the last piece of the puzzle. 

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