The Rapper to Watch in 2022- Sammy Rigaud

The Rapper to Watch in 2022- Sammy Rigaud

Meet Sammy Rigaud– Teacher, author, DJ, based in Atlanta, GA, and well-known rapper for telling his life story through his music to youth audiences all over the world. 

From Miami, Florida, Sammy is the son of two Haitian immigrants who traveled to the U.S. for a better life. As a first-generation Haitian American, and at an early age, Sammy experimented with different beats and sounds. This ignited an interest in music, specifically hip hop that not only turned into a lifelong passion but also a successful career path.

 Originally, Sammy started music as a hobby, yet by middle school, he started recording his music. In the years that followed, he soon realized that by incorporating his lyrics, hooks, and verses- he can tell a story while adding unique sounds which other people can relate to. Fast forward to now, Sammy uses his music and life stories to encourage people to achieve their dreams. 

“People need positivity. There is so much going on in this world that people need a break. I bring joy wherever I go. It’s a sense of peace. Whether I’m on stage, in the classroom, or behind the turntables, people are inspired to live and achieve higher.”

Sammy’s success didn’t come easy. During his youth, he struggled with the law and family issues, yet thankfully with the help of close friends, and most importantly in his faith in God was able to turn things around and become a leader in his community. Despite the challenges he faced, Sammy was able to turn his life around in the blink of an eye. With the right mindset and motivation, Sammy garnered thousands of followers and received international recognition thanks to the release of his song “Freestyle Fridays”. This and many other music videos went viral on Youtube, in four years with now over 200k. He coined this program as a way to get his students excited about learning and mix it with his passion for music. As an author, Sammy published “Different Together”, written to inspire children to believe in themselves and overcome intimidation. With several accolades, he has been seen on Good Morning America, ABC World News, The Kelly Clarkson Show, Will (Smith) at Home, just to name a few thanks to the successes in his music. 

Currently, Sammy will be releasing an album and a children’s book, all while touring the U.S in Spring 2022. As a DJ, he plays all types of events including weddings, corporate events, and schools as well. In the upcoming year, he has a few residency performances lined up, on top of several events scheduled. 

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Instagram: @sammyrigaud

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