The Guru Of Child Nutrition, Dr. Mary Vitale Helps Mothers Across The U.S. Develop Healthy Eating Habits In Their Children

The Guru Of Child Nutrition, Dr. Mary Vitale Helps Mothers Across The U.S. Develop Healthy Eating Habits In Their Children

Dr. Mary Vitale has become the leader of child nutrition. As a knowledgeable and experienced Health Coach, as well as a mother, she knows how difficult it can be for children to develop good eating habits, especially with all the junk food there is out there. Hence, Dr. Mary Vitale has created online training programs, such as her 3 month program “Mi hijo si come,” which translates to “My Child Does Eat.” These programs are aiding parents in encouraging their children to eat healthier and develop good habits at a young age. 

Dr. Mary Vitale initially fell in love with the power of nutrition during a personal health scare. As she searched for an alternative to Western Medicine and focused on improving her health by changing nutritional habits, Dr. Vitale was able to cure herself through food. With this, she realized that everything is curable, as long as you learn how to take care of your body, especially through what you eat. Because of this experience, Dr. Vitale decided to get certified as a Health Coach and share her lessons with others. Through her nutrition coaching programs, Dr. Vitale gives parents the tools necessary to aid their children in developing good and sustainable eating habits. 

“Once I recovered my vitality, energy, and health, I decided to share the steps that I took in order to achieve this. Through my programs, I share the key steps to live a healthy life, starting early on in childhood,” shares Dr. Mary Vitale. 

While Dr. Vitale’s business and programs have achieved great success, it has taken a lot of effort and perseverance to get it to where it is now. Four years ago, Dr. Vitale started sharing her experiences and nutrition tips with friends and family. Slowly, she began to mentor friends and offer healthy cooking classes for both adults and kids. As she witnessed the change it created in people’s lives, she knew she wanted to turn this into a career. 

Currently, Dr. Mary Vitale is continuing to expand her programs & services related to child nutrition. Additionally, she is applying her knowledge on Metaphysics to her teachings, which has been yielding impressive results. As such, Dr. Mary Vitale continues to empower a greater number of parents to expand their knowledge on nutrition and encourage their children to live a healthier lifestyle. 

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