The Encyclopedia of Sales: 25 Years of Experience + 700 Million Dollar in revenue - in a Sales Training Program by Sergio Bruna, Sales Guru

The Encyclopedia of Sales: 25 Years of Experience + 700 Million Dollar in revenue - in a Sales Training Program by Sergio Bruna, Sales Guru

Sergio Bruna has an uncommon success story. At 15 years old, he decided to live an adventurous life. He moved from his house and decided to experiment as much as possible. He didn’t need much time to find and figure out that sales was the industry where he wanted to work for the rest of his life.

Today, Sergio is an entrepreneur, sales guru, international consultant and seasoned speaker – having shared the stage with the likes of Robert Kiyosaki, John Maxwell and Marco Antonio Regil in front of as many as 7,000 people. He runs one of the biggest Energy Companies in the US, which operates in more than 17 states and with more than 400 employees. Additionally, he is the CEO of Bruna Training Technologies Inc., his company that trains worldwide sellers with his self-made training program.

“At an early age, I decided that the sales industry was going to be the vehicle that drove me to my dreams. This is why I dedicated my life to sales and became an expert, a scientist in the art of closing deals and achieving the exchange of the product or service. Through the teams I have built – I have generated more than 700 million dollars in sales. Being a specialist, I developed The  Encyclopedia of Sales, the most impactful sales training program in both English and Spanish”, comments Sergio.

Bruna Training Technologies Inc. works with The  Encyclopedia of Sales, the most effective sales program in the Hispanic market. It is the product of 25 years of experience as a seller, influenced by the different mentors and leaders Sergio has had the opportunity to work with.

The training provides lessons and efficient tools so people can achieve success in their jobs, as well as in their personal life. The Encyclopedia of Sales provides the knowledge and secret to manage any negotiation and close the deal in a quick, effective and solid way, where both parts end up winning”, he shares.

Sergio is motivated to help other people. He wanted to offer an efficient and impactful solution to the classical education system in the world of sales and marketing. Having achieved this, he feels successful. To him, success is achieved once you’re happy, live freely and do what you want. 

Nevertheless, this was not always the case. He experienced child trauma, overcame addictions, poverty, lack of housing, insecurity and fear before he was just 20 years old. To face difficult times, he recognizes the importance of a strong mindset. Your own concept of yourself will determine your success, which is why it is important to believe in yourself and trust the process. To Sergio, “a winner is nothing more than a loser that tries once more”.

Currently, Sergio and his team are expanding the content of The Encyclopedia of Sales  touring in the US, Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia. At the same time, they are entering the nutrition world by launching a new nutrition product endorsed by universities in the US and Canada, which is expected to revolutionize the health industry.

He will continue to live by his mantra and keep on trying even when he fails. He’s good at his work because he puts into practice what his mentors and life have taught him. And now, he wants to help others to be successful too. His courses and seminars accelerate the road to success and avoid years of losses and money in mistakes. Learn with Sergio and his impactful encyclopedia here.