SocialCow Uses Neuromarketing To Help Businesses Grow Mindfully: Learn About Kristina Centnere, The Founder And Lead Strategist

SocialCow Uses Neuromarketing To Help Businesses Grow Mindfully: Learn About Kristina Centnere, The Founder And Lead Strategist

Kristina Centnere is the founder and lead strategist of SocialCow, a digital and neuromarketing agency that helps wellness-related businesses grow strategically. Currently, they work with an array of clients that include local medical practices, including the world-renowned facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Levine, medical Universities and national brands that offer wellness services and products, including the fast-growing brands like Dp Derm and GoCBD.

SocialCow understands that in order to run a successful business, marketing and advertising is necessary. But they also know that neuromarketing is the best way to do it because it provides a way to understand how consumers react to certain ads and products, thus improving the business’ choice in advertising.

“I started social media marketing in 2010, when it was just starting to be utilized by businesses. In fact, many thought it was useless at the time. The innovative minds that were my clients knew otherwise–and it paid off big! I self-learned consumer psychology for about a decade until in 2019, my team at SocialCow implemented neuromarketing as a way to refine our client’s campaigns. After all, so much of marketing is guesswork. Neuromarketing helps narrow it down. It has been revolutionary to our clients for whom we have implemented it.” Kristina says.

Indeed, when neuromarketing is done correctly, businesses are able to know decisions their target audiences make when purchasing a product or hiring a service. Although it has been used by large companies like Frito-Lay, Hyundai and PayPal for decades, neuromarketing is still a new methodology for the general public. But not for SocialCow.

SocialCow focuses on strategy–they then develop a specific plan that puts each customers’ differentiators in the spotlight. They use a comprehensive marketing plan that includes not only digital services such as social media, search engine optimization (SEO) and paid ads, but also deep analytics.

“We are our clients’ marketing partners. When we take on a client, we become an integral part of their team. As a business owner for a decade and having worked with a variety of businesses, I can relate to many of the challenges they face and help guide them.” Kristina states.

For Kristina it all started at the age of nine, when she emigrated from Latvia to the United States to live with her mother and her stepfather. She graduated Lynbrook High School in Lynbrook, New York at 16 years old, and from that point on she was chasing her own professional path.

“At one point, I was working 3 jobs 1,000 miles away from home, simply relying on my work ethic and the strong belief that I will succeed. Whether it was hostessing at Chopsticks, or making DirecTV sales at a call center, I always paid attention to processes and consumer reactions. It intrigued me to understand how their minds worked and how businesses could improve their sales by understanding their consumers.” Kristina shares.

Soon thereafter, Kristina learned she was more productive when she could manage her own schedule and work from wherever she wanted. She has been able to do this with SocialCow for the last 10 years, working with national and international brands. 

While focusing on consumer psychology, Kristina also learned the importance of understanding and managing her own mind. She coaches a limited number of entrepreneurs and C-level executives who see a stark difference in their performance in as few as eight sessions.

“When it comes to marketing, my advice for those wanting to start their own business is don’t get distracted by shiny tactics. Instead, deep focus on your strategy. This will help you create an effective, scalable marketing plan and also keep you focused on long-term growth.” Kristina says. “When it comes to business operations, be efficient. For your business to succeed, you must keep a clear vision of what your role is. Anything that isn’t your job, you need to have a plan for delegating. When it comes to mindset, clarify your vision.”

There are a few ways to learn about neuromarketing, including SocialCow’s website. However, the best way to find out what type of marketing you or your business needs is by scheduling a free 20-minute consultation with SocialCow. 

That way, people can learn why by adding neuromarketing to their list of services, the team at SocialCow has been able to help consumers to decrease guesswork, shorten their time to success and increase sales.

One of my favorite neuromarketing techniques we use includes a software with an eye-tracking and facial emotion recognition system that can help us and our clients understand how their ideal customers perceive their marketing assets. By knowing – rather than guessing – which marketing visuals best target our clients’ customers, we can shorten the testing cycle and, as a result, maximize their results.” Kristina adds.

Find out more about Kristina and SocialCow here.