Smith Financials Offers People Credit Coaching Services: Meet Carlos Smith, the Family Man and Credit Coach Behind It

Smith Financials Offers People Credit Coaching Services: Meet Carlos Smith, the Family Man and Credit Coach Behind It

Many people work hard for long hours a day and many years to acquire material goods such as a house, an apartment, a car, and a commercial property. But when they want to buy it, everything may be more difficult for them if they do not have good credit.

Unfortunately, credit dictates how much or how little people can do, and sometimes it is not the person’s fault, but rather, it is the fact that the person does not have the necessary knowledge on how to best manage their debts and income to have a better credit rating.

Carlos Smith, also known as The Credit God, is a family man, credit coach, founder, and CEO of Smith Financials LLC, a fast-growing Credit Coaching business in the United States. He started his company to educate people about credit.

Credit dictates a lot of what we can and cannot have, financially. And the sad truth is that many people don’t understand how this system works.” Carlos says.

One of the ways Carlos helps others is by sharing his knowledge through his virtual classes. One of them is called the Credit Coaching Blueprint, and it guides people to earn more and to achieve more by being a credit coach. 

“We all know what the Corona Virus is doing to industries across the globe, so I thought to give budding entrepreneurs OR anyone DRIVEN ENOUGH to succeed – the CHANCE to learn about the Credit Coaching business. I’m willing to MENTOR them and just pay it forward. This business has helped me when I had nothing, and I hope I can open this CHANNEL up to more people.” Carlos states.

At Smith Financials LLC, not only do they restore people’s credit, but they also go through the process of building, maintaining, and educating what has been achieved. 

We make you look good, NOT JUST on paper, but in all aspects of your financial life so you can have better choices, and MAKE BETTER financial decisions.” Carlos explains.

Not everything was rosy in Carlos’ path. At first, his credit was not the most adequate to achieve the things he wanted so he sought the help of an expert who improved his credit in a short time.

At that time I was broke, so I didn’t have many opportunities. Then I met Marvin Smith who was able to fix my credit, and he was good–I got results in 9 days. After that, I asked him plain and simple, ‘How much does it cost to show me what you just did with my credit?’ He gave me a price, I worked to get it, and there it was – a window – a golden opportunity. I had a mentor. He helped me raise capital and then I went full bore. So I learned everything I could about the business from him and built my network. I met people, did some testing, and found my market.” Carlos recounts.

On the road to success, everyone always encounters challenges, tests, or obstacles that must be overcome to go on. Some of those obstacles come in the form of bad decisions made at a certain time, which happened once to Carlos:

When I had just started my Credit Coaching business, I made the mistake of hiring the wrong people to help grow my business. I was looking for a lot of things, but I didn’t look at their core values. It took me a full year to recover from it, but when I did, my business skyrocketed.” 

It’s because of things like that that people who want to start their own company must not only have a good mindset, but must also surround themselves with people who are like-minded.

The people I work with now share the same vision, the same values. We are in the same boat, rowing towards the same goals. If you have a team as passionate as you are, you get to your destination faster.” Carlos adds.

Many successful people find that with the help of a mentor they can move forward much faster. This was also the case with Carlos.

I believe that mentoring is the best way to learn something quickly and fast without making the mistakes that you would make trying to figure it out on your own. This is why I came up with an online class called Credit Coaching Blueprint. I put it together for clients who have completed our program to be able to capitalize on their awesome credit and just to take it to the next level.” He adds.

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