Simone Lord and Business Growth Mindset: Empowering Entrepreneurs with the Customers On Demand Program

Simone Lord and Business Growth Mindset: Empowering Entrepreneurs with the Customers On Demand Program

Simone Lord, a successful entrepreneur and business coach, has dedicated her career to helping small business owners and solopreneurs achieve their goals. 

As the General Manager of Business Growth Mindset, Simone oversees a group of companies that provide coaching and mentorship programs to ambitious entrepreneurs.

Business Growth Mindset is a company that offers a range of programs designed to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. One of their flagship offerings is the Customers on Demand program, which focuses on sales and marketing strategies for service-based businesses.

Customers on Demand has been designed for small business owners or solopreneurs that want to upskill themselves on all things sales and marketing whilst also having ongoing live support from our team of experts as well as being a part of an exceptional community,” shares Simone.

The Customers On Demand program is founded on a set of core principles aimed at transforming small businesses into thriving enterprises. Some of the areas covered in the program include: revenue growth, client attraction, confidence and clarity, effective strategies, cash generation, lead control, profitable cash flow system, community and accountability, and more.

The Customers On Demand program is confident in the outcomes it delivers, offering a 100% money-back guarantee. If participants find the content lacking within the first 14 days, they can opt out and receive a full refund. This guarantee underscores the program’s commitment to working only with motivated and committed individuals.

To reinforce learning, the Customers On Demand program includes weekly Q&A sessions where participants can seek clarification, discuss challenges, and receive guidance directly from experts. This continuous interaction fosters a deeper understanding and application of the concepts taught.

Complementing the Q&A sessions, lunchtime webinars provide additional insights and practical tips. These webinars are designed to reinforce lessons and ensure participants are consistently applying what they learn to their businesses.

One of the standout features of the Customers On Demand program is its vibrant community. Members benefit from the camaraderie, shared ideas, and mutual support that come from being part of a group of ambitious and like-minded entrepreneurs. 

As a coach, Simone understands that everyone’s journeys are not a straight path. She initially pursued a career in finance and accounting before starting her own fitness business in 2020. However, the COVID-19 pandemic forced her to pivot and seek out mentorship from Kristian Livolsi, the founder of Business Growth Mindset.

Kristian knew that I didn’t have any money to invest into any more coaching or mentoring so he offered to work with me for free for 12 weeks 1:1 in his corporate social responsibility program. He wanted to prove to me that the right strategies with the right mentor could transform a business in ways you can only dream of,” explains Simone.

Simone believes that having a business mentor is crucial for entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses. She emphasizes the importance of finding someone whose values align with your own and who has experience in diverse industries.

It’s so easy to get distracted and off course when there are so many hats that you wear in business. It’s really important to have someone that you can talk to when you are thinking about pivoting, overcoming a challenge, or maximizing an opportunity,” says Simone.

The Customers On Demand program is tailored for service providers striving to reach $10,000 per month who are ready for growth. If you are a business owner who is ambitious, seeking to attract your ideal clients, increase your monthly earnings, and gain more freedom in your business operations, this program is for you. 

The Customers On Demand program is not suitable for those who make excuses or shy away from challenges, dislike sharing their experiences to help others, are not ready to take action and see growth, or operate e-commerce businesses.

The effectiveness of the Customers On Demand program is demonstrated through numerous success stories from participants who have achieved significant business growth.

Karim, a business hypnotherapist from Melbourne, struggled to articulate his service offerings. After completing the COD program, Karim saw a dramatic increase in clients and opportunities. His newfound clarity and confidence led to a TEDx talk in the US and consistent revenue growth, ultimately joining the advanced Evolve mastermind program.

Ivana, a web designer based in Sydney, lacked expertise in leveraging LinkedIn for lead generation. Through the COD program, she transformed LinkedIn into her primary source of organic leads, resulting in new clients and speaking opportunities. Her confidence in approaching potential clients on LinkedIn significantly improved, leading to consistent business growth.

Simone has assisted thousands of individuals, providing over 5,000 hours of coaching and support. Her passion for helping others achieve their goals is evident in the success stories of her clients.

By sharing her experiences and expertise, she continues to inspire and guide others on their journey to success. Ready to elevate your business? Join Simone Lord’s Customers On Demand Program today and start achieving your goals!