Sarah Brandow’s Clients Learn How To Improve Their Nutrition and Lifestyles Through Easy-To-Follow and Cleverly Designed Steps

Sarah Brandow’s Clients Learn How To Improve Their Nutrition and Lifestyles Through Easy-To-Follow and Cleverly Designed Steps

Sarah Brandow is a nutrition industry specialist who has spent years studying the integration of nutrition science with holistic interventions. She is the Director of Nutrition at BioXcellerator and a co-founder of VitaBowl.

In 2014, Sarah completed a Masters of Science in Nutritional at the University of Westminster in London in 2014, graduating at the top of her class. During her early teens and into her 20s, Sarah, like many people, felt no interest in leading a healthy lifestyle until one day she decided to make a change regarding that situation and the results were so impactful that it changed her decision to help others.

I was living the typical student life, addicted to coffee and constantly eating fast food and processed food. One day, I decided to focus my diet on whole, organic, and plant-based foods, and the results were that I had more energy, my skin improved and my concentration and performance skyrocketed. I realized the great importance of nourishing our bodies properly. It was then that I knew I wanted to dedicate my life to understanding nutrition and the human body and help others thrive.” Sarah shares.

Changing her nutrition has had such an effect on Sarah that it inspired her to dedicate herself fully to the study of that area and build a career in that specialty.

It was more of a calling than a conscious choice, seeing people heal, recover, and improve their quality of life is the most rewarding and incredible feeling in the world. I can’t imagine doing anything else.” She says.

Sarah’s work in the area of nutrition helps people get to the real cause of most diseases and illnesses like food intolerances, weight gain, chronic conditions, bloating, acne, anxiety, depressive symptoms, low energy, fatigue, cognitive impairment, and many other caused by an unbalanced microbiome.

Many intensive cleanses, detoxes, and specialized diet programs help mitigate symptoms, but never get to the root cause. As a result, people rely on expensive herbs and supplements that rarely correct the fundamental cause. My mission is to help people elevate their potential to the fullest by unlocking the keys to a thriving and diverse microbiome.” Sarah explains.

Her greatest motivation is helping others know what it is to truly thrive. Sarah helps them create a lifestyle that optimizes gut health, sleep, and energy, but is still enjoyable, enticing, and fulfilling.

Sarah manages to differentiate herself from her competitors by having a unique approach to nutrition. She possesses high-level research skills that allow her to create the most up-to-date evidence-based protocols, as well as integrating 12 years of knowledge in natural and holistic healing to get to the root cause of any ailment.

My focus is entirely on the gut, and I create simple, easy-to-implement steps for lasting health.” She adds.

Sarah is emotionally invested in her clients’ success so having the right mindset is crucial for her as it allows her to get through the tough times, and hold space for them until they begin to feel the benefits and experience recovery.

Regardless of the chosen industry, I believe that mindset is the most important factor in achieving lasting success. I chose a field where I encounter many people struggling with different health issues, and it can be very challenging.” Sarah states.

One of the biggest hurdles Sarah has managed to overcome has been learning to work with people with chronic illnesses and not allowing that to affect her. 

I learned to hold space or give them support as their health progresses, but not lose sight of the big picture.” Sarah comments.

In the near future, Sarah is focused on launching her gut health course in January 2023, to help clients cultivate and change their microbiome, to drastically improve their quality of life.

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