Santidiamond Is The Successful Investor, Entrepreneur and Businessman We All Should Be Listening To: Learn More Here!

Santidiamond Is The Successful Investor, Entrepreneur and Businessman We All Should Be Listening To: Learn More Here!

Santiago Moreno, better known as @santidiamond, is quite an amazing businessman and entrepreneur. Up to date, he runs several successful businesses, such as “Diamond Reach”, a marketing and advertising agency, “Conexiones Empresariales Internacionales, SAS”, a technology solutions and software development company for companies, businessmen, entrepreneurs and politicians and “Creando un Imperio”, an innovative community where  Santiago and his team help people generate income in dollars through digital franchises and business branches.

The truth is that entrepreneurship has always been in Santiago’s DNA, he founded his first business in 2014, which was a partnership for a bar in Bogota. Little by little, he continued his entrepreneurship path with some of the best successful Colombian businessmen, then he graduated as an Architect and, in 2017, he began to invest in companies such as Google & Apple. Shortly after he became interested in the financial markets industry so took the opportunity to diversify his different businesses and generate additional income.

“This is how I discovered the opportunity to invest in investment funds regulated in the US. This allowed me to help people with their finances thanks to investment funds with fair returns, under the regulations and financial laws of the country”, Santiago explains.

There, Santiago also became familiar with the concept of franchises such as MCDonalds, KFC, STARBUCKS and more, which gave him the idea of working under the same model but digitally – operating with franchises and business branches in the digital world-  and helping people to become entrepreneurs and achieve their business goals through business training. That was how his successful online community was born!

“What motivated me the most to enter this industry was the opportunity to diversify and generate more income from the comfort of my own home. The world is constantly changing and so is the way of creating income and doing business. Today, children generate a lot of income by recording valuable content and uploading it to YouTube, so we need to adapt”, he adds.

Like all entrepreneurs, Santiago’s beginnings in the business world were not easy. He had to learn to deal with tax burdens, which are especially difficult in Colombia. Also, he had to adopt a growth mindset and stay very focused, determined and willing to work each day with discipline, without excuses. Thanks to his multiple efforts, Santiago is currently one of the most recognized businessmen and investors in Colombia, at only 27 years old!

“Having the right mindset is everything! Everything in life is a mental attitude, all our thoughts must be coordinated with our objectives and actions, so we will achieve not only business success but also personal success!”, he advises.

Santiago manages to stand out in a crowded market because he is a 100% solution oriented entrepreneur. He is passionate about leaving a legacy, positively impacting society and helping people, so he and his companies offer quality, efficiency, innovation, great customer service and, of course, the latest technologies within the industry.

He’s currently working on expanding his different businesses internationally, to make more and more people know their services -both traditional and digital-, and on building a great

business holding company with operational headquarters in diverse countries.

“If you want to start your own business, the most important thing is to never give up. Life always brings its challenges and obstacles to overcome in order to grow and in business there is no exception either. Whatever you do, do it with love and passion, and always seek to help others”, Santiago concludes.

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