Raizelys Diaz Advises a Variety of Brands on Marketing and Sales Strategies: Learn More From This Business Owner Based in Chile

<strong>Raizelys Diaz Advises a Variety of Brands on Marketing and Sales Strategies: Learn More From This Business Owner Based in Chile</strong>

Raizelys Diaz is a woman who loves fashion, lifestyle, and business. She works with a variety of brands to create marketing and sales strategies and advise new entrepreneurs. She also manages her own businesses in e-commerce and dropshipping.

Currently, Raizelys manages all the creative direction of her Chile-based company CameronBoutique, which has two years in the market as a positioned brand. It has amassed almost 40 thousand followers on social media, who buy every week their products.

Having a community of real women, the credibility, affection, and support of all my customers is simply a blessing in my life.” Raizelys shares about her community of followers.

Raizelys has a degree in business administration and has grown her career in the area of Human Resources. She ventured into entrepreneurship four years ago, initially helping people to get jobs for which she applied her techniques of creating CVs and preparation of psycho-technical tests for job interviews.

After a few years of working with entrepreneurs with whom she partnered and helped with their brands by applying strategies and working in marketing and sales, Raizelys saw the results from her support. That motivated her to create something for herself.

I started partnering and wanted a brand with a purpose, so the pandemic came and my daughter Cameron was born, that was definitely my biggest reason to do it.” Raizelys says.

When Raizelys made the decision to become an entrepreneur she set herself the challenge of doing it without capital, to prove once again that if she can make the impossible, it is possible. 

I started selling the products of other people I knew. I sold without stock. I started where I was, with what I had. I delivered the products in meters with my daughter of months.” Raizelys explains.

After a year of working that way, Raizelys registered CameronBoutique and started importing merchandise from all over the world, looking for quality. She opened three stores: one for men’s clothing, one for children’s clothing, and one for women.

When I started the women’s store I sold much more so I decided to focus on that.” She adds.

Raizelys’ influence in growing her business was her father, who was a business owner who she always saw as a great leader, running his business and having a life that she aspired to have too.

On a personal level, Raizelys does not believe in competition as she only focuses on competing against herself. Making sure everyday to be a better version than the day before.

I think I am my own competition. I don’t see anyone as my competition. I focus 100% on me and on listening to my clients, on giving them what they want and keep innovating, going one step ahead. I am always looking for ways to improve the price-quality ratio.” Raizelys comments.

On the commercial side, what makes CameronBoutique stand out is the way they treat their customers. They treat them like they are the protagonists all the time and are in constant search for high-quality, unique, and different garments to offer.

CameronBoutique also is different because we like to take risks and dare to impose fashion trends and unique styles. We are very focused on making sure that our customers get a great product and that they have a beautiful shopping experience.” Raizelys states.

In the near future, Raizelys wants to grow her personal brand even more to help many people shape their ideas and teach from her experience in marketing, sales, and business.

With CameronBoutique she wants to continue to grow not just the women’s line, but also CameronKids and CameronForMen. Through it all, Raizelys wants to make sure to show that the impossible is always possible if things are done with love and self-confidence.

Believing in yourself is the first step to creating the life you want. All your dreams are achievable if you work for them. If you put all your positive energy, discipline, perseverance and commitment, you can do it.” Raizelys advises. 

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