Pedro Bustos Delgados Is The Successful Businessman Who Is Revolutionizing The International Industry Through His Company Global Exchange International: Learn More Here

Pedro Bustos Delgados Is The Successful Businessman Who Is Revolutionizing The International Industry Through His Company Global Exchange International: Learn More Here

Economies are powered by innovation. Much of that innovation derives from forward-thinking individuals who possess the drive, skills, and background to turn a business vision into reality. The importance of entrepreneurs extends beyond the effect those individuals have on their own companies, however. They impact their broader communities, and, in some cases, even the world.

Entrepreneurs have played a pivotal role in the growth of the world’s economy since the 19th century. They spur industry transformations, create entirely new markets, and help to build resilient communities! 

This is the case of Pedro Bustos Delgado, a successful entrepreneur, leader, influencer, businessman and singer based in Colombia. He is currently the president and CEO of GLOBAL EXCHANGE INTERNATIONAL, the largest and most effective multinational for studies and work abroad, founded over 18 years ago. 

To date, the company is headquartered in 19 countries in South America, Central America, the United States and Europe. Part of the business’ mission is to provide unique and enriching opportunities to youth and adults who want to experience new cultures, learn new languages, develop professional skills and expand their horizons.

“We offer short and long-term study abroad programs in more than 20 countries, which include academic study options, au pair programs, professional internships, volunteering, language programs and many others. Our services are personalized and tailored to the needs of each client and we work with a wide network of educational institutions and companies around the world to ensure a successful and rewarding experience!”, Pedro explains.

He was motivated to start working in this industry because of his big desire for growth. Pedro also wanted to generate his own income and to have a great professional future. Long time ago, he realized that in Latin America there was no company that offered the services that he wanted to offer, so Pedro decided to take the opportunity and create his own business. 

“I decided to start my business 18 years ago because I felt that there was an opportunity in the market that was not being taken advantage of. I had worked in the industry for some time and had noticed that there was a growing demand for a specific service that was not being offered by any major company in my area. I decided that I had the necessary skills and experience and began working on a business plan to launch my own company”, he adds.

Global Exchange International Group manages to stand out from the crowd because of the high quality of their work. They have a highly trained operating department committed to guaranteeing the best results and customer satisfaction in each of their programs. In addition, they are present in 18 countries, which allows them to have a global presence and a solid and wide network of contacts. 

“Our partners are also a key piece in our differentiation, since they are committed to making each program an unforgettable experience for our clients. We work closely with them to design unique programs tailored to the needs and preferences of each of our clients”, Pedro shares.

Currently, Pedro‘s greatest motivation is to be an inspiration to his family, friends and his team members. From a very young age he has had big dreams and clear goals that have led him to where he is today. His intention is to continue fulfilling his dreams and goals, but also to inspire others to do the same and achieve their own goals. 

For this reason, he also likes to share his personal story and my experience on his social media. Pedro wants to show that with dedication, effort and passion great things can be achieved.  As he says, “if it fits in your mind, it fits in your pockets!”

He is currently working on continuing to grow and expand the Global Exchange International Group brand throughout the world. Regarding his personal life, one of his main objectives is to take his family to the highest level they can reach, providing them with all the necessary opportunities and resources so that they can grow and prosper! 

As an entrepreneur, Pedro is constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve their services to provide an even better experience for all their clientele. This includes developing new strategic alliances, expanding their operations into new markets and exploring new business opportunities that allow them to continue to grow and improve.

To find out more about Pedro, follow him on Instagram here. You can also check his company’s website here and their Instagram page here.