Nicolas Caicedo and Paulo Castillo's Narrative through 'Los Picks Del Gordo' - The Most Lucrative Sports Consulting Team in Latin America

Nicolas Caicedo and Paulo Castillo's Narrative through 'Los Picks Del Gordo' - The Most Lucrative Sports Consulting Team in Latin America

Sports enthusiasts know that the world of sports betting can be challenging to navigate. With so many games, teams, and players to keep track of, it can be difficult to make informed decisions when placing bets. That’s why Nicolas Caicedo and Paulo Castillo, two friends with a passion for sports, started their own sports consultancy called “Los Picks del Gordo.”

Nicolas and Paulo have been friends since childhood and share a deep love for sports. It wasn’t long before they realized they could turn their passion into a business. They started Los Picks del Gordo to share their knowledge and expertise with other sports enthusiasts.

Despite challenges such as the pandemic with the lack of sports and initial business hurdles, the duo’s commitment to sharing sports knowledge led to a thriving consultancy business with over 4,000 monthly subscribers globally and a successful website platform that is easy for starters in the sports landscape.

“It is not only having knowledge of something but is translating that knowledge and concretizing it,” They share.

They attribute their success to financial profitability and creating a comfortable space for their clients. The consultancy has been an enormous success, and Nicolas and Paulo are now well-known in the sports community.

They offer various services, including expert analysis and predictions for sports such as basketball, football, baseball, and more. They also offer personalized consultations for clients seeking more in-depth advice.

One of the things that sets Los Picks del Gordo apart from other sports consultancies is their commitment to fairness and transparency. Nicolas and Paulo are highly ethical and believe in providing honest and accurate information. They never make promises they can’t keep to their clients, and they always provide clear and concise explanations for their predictions.

“The number of people who trust us (customers) is far above the competition,” they emphasize.

Nicolas and Paulo are passionate about customer care and have received high praise for their exceptional support and consultancy services. They strive to continuously surpass their expectations and expand their customer base, matching the success they have achieved in Mexico to other countries.

They plan to sponsor renowned sporting events and enhance their social media strategies to further elevate their reputation with Los Picks del Gordo.

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