“Motivate from within” - Entrepreneur & Former Ex-Con Chris Mack, is Reinventing How We Define Success!

“Motivate from within” - Entrepreneur & Former Ex-Con Chris Mack, is Reinventing How We Define Success!

Entrepreneur and motivational speaker Chris Mack knows firsthand just how tough it can be to “make it” in modern America. Since his release from federal prison in August 2021, C-Mack has rebranded himself while launching a successful career as a motivational speaker and lifestyle coach. But don’t let the apparent speed of his recent achievements fool you; Chris spent every moment of the past seven years laying an unbreakable foundation to build his future successes on. 

“During my years in prison I diligently studied the real estate market, stocks, personal & business credit, and even corporate structuring. I began motivating other inmates to work out and get in physical shape, while helping them learn the ins and outs of my industry. Since my release to a Federal Halfway House in August, I have started posting motivational content via Instagram and showing others my journey from homelessness to becoming a real estate investor, high-end celebrity day & nightlife party promoter, to prison, and rising back up to become an entrepreneur and motivational speaker.” 

After taking one look at C-Mack’s Instagram, it’s clear that this entrepreneur breathes, eats, and sweats motivation from every pore of his body. The amount of internal discipline and know-how needed to go from homelessness to real estate success, high-end celebrity day & nightlife party promoter, then from prison to entrepreneurial success is self-evident. Now, Chris looks to share his story and strategy with his followers, opening up doors for them and giving them the tools they need to step through to the other side.

“Since my release, I have been reconnecting with entrepreneurs in all industries, as well as the general public by motivating, inspiring, & encouraging them to be the best version of themselves. Based on the word of God (The Bible), my goal is to enrich and save lives and show people there is a way out of any bad past or current situations. You just gotta have faith and believe that it can be done. I was once homeless, slept on benches, on the beach, even hotel rooftops, but I never gave up my discipline of working hard every single day. My goal in life is to end homelessness and hunger right here in America by giving others the same tools I used to succeed.” 

From getting hired as a convicted felon fresh out of prison, to rekindling old entrepreneurial connections and even founding his own jewelry brand, C-Mack has been opening doors at every opportunity. Now he aims to keep those doors of opportunity propped for those who follow in his footsteps, unfolding new futures for his followers through daily lifestyle tips and motivational speaking events. Chris’ brand, RedLive, launched in the event space, but is now looking to move into everything from sports to hospitality as C-Mack eyes up future industry openings. 

“The first thing I tell other entrepreneurs hoping to start a business is to stay confident in yourself. But that confidence doesn’t come from nothing; you have to constantly study, learn, read books, invest in mentorship, all while staying positive, motivated, inspired, and encouraged from within. Never give up, believe in yourself, and surround yourself with others who can help you realize your visions for the future. Create S.M.A.R.T. goals and execute them!” 

Flowing from the recent success of his motivational speaking venture, C-Mack now hopes to bring on other entrepreneurial hopefuls and aspiring businesspeople to help them build their own brands and control of their futures. By forming a concrete plan for success and executing it with discipline and diligence, Chris helps entrepreneurs of all stripes to grasp the keys to success in business and life. Now, with several fresh ventures in the works, C-Mack looks towards his own future and what change he can work into this world. 

To hear lifestyle tips from Chris Mack, follow him on Instagram (@mrredlive) or visit his website, www.MRREDLIVE.com launching soon!