Mixing fashion with tattoo art- meet the micrealist tattoo artist Saru

Mixing fashion with tattoo art- meet the micrealist tattoo artist Saru

Meet Saru Sihoon Cho, professional microrealism tattoo artist with a cumulative 10 years of experience in the art and blending those elements with fashion. 

Previously, Saru majored in Fashion design in South Korea. Throughout his education always had an affinity for art and drawing. Furthermore, he was always interested in how people expressed their individuality through art and fashion, and pushed him to explore and express his own. Saru always believed that tattoos are an extension of one’s personality, and can even be considered a fashion statement. This is what sparked his interest in his expertise of tattoo design.

Now, thanks to his research in individuality has paved the way for his career, and has become a precedent for the goals he has set for himself for the future. Challenges are a natural part of every career, however Saru was able to leverage those challenges and create a plan for his own life by accepting his fears. 

Currently, Saru works with other like minded individuals who dream of becoming tattoo artists and mentor them into the ever evolving field of tattoo art. Saru takes pride in his expertise and hopes to continue to further develop his skills in microrealism while becoming a leader in the field for others to look up to.

Currently, Saru is expanding on career and perspective in life through several NFT projects. Regardless of the overwhelming world of crypto, it has become his goal to get myself more acquainted and immersed in this new realm and mix it with his current world of tattoo art. Furthermore, Saru will continue to expand his reach to other like minded artists and garner more clients from around the world interested in his service. 

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