Misskay- The L.A. based influencer that made it

Misskay- The L.A. based influencer that made it

With social media rising more than ever, influencers and entrepreneurs need to utilize it as a tool for their brands, as it provides channels to create their path and reach large audiences. Meet Suekay Deniz also known as Misskay on social media, one of the many unique people who took advantage of this tool.

 Misskay is a multifaceted entrepreneur who has launched a variety of different businesses. First and foremost, Misskay is a real estate broker and mortgage broker in California. With extensive experience in this field, she has been able to chase her passion in helping her clients obtain the biggest investments they can have. In addition, she is a social Media Influencer and model with over 1.4 million followers across platforms. As an Influencer, Misskay has collaborated with well-known brands such as Pretty Little Thing, Shein, Fashion nova and had the opportunity to attend several events with other social media moguls like herself. 

Last but not least, Misskay launched her own economic women’s fitness line called Viimfit. With Viimfit, she now showcases several collections, with a focus on fashion and comfort, so women can feel confident and push themselves to accomplish their body goals with style.

Like many entrepreneurs, the success Misskay achieved didn’t come easy. Misskay struggled through financial hardships throughout her early years. However, as she grew up and finally made it into the world of business, she saw no limit to what was possible.

“There is no excuse to not be able to reach our goals, dreams, and aspirations. What makes me unique is that I’m not afraid to go for it. Plan it out and make it happen. I’m much more than what people perceive. I can say I’m good at everything.” 

With 2022 just around the corner, Miss Kay is further branching out in the Media world and will continue to work with bigger companies. With her Real Estate career stable, she is also looking to get into public speaking. The options for her are endless.

Follow Misskay on Instagram @misskay_22 and check out her website for info misskay22.com