Michelly Castilla Is a Successful Businesswoman Who Is Helping Hundreds of People Transform Their Lives and Incomes In A Very Effective Way: Learn More Below!

Michelly Castilla Is a Successful Businesswoman Who Is Helping Hundreds of People Transform Their Lives and Incomes In A Very Effective Way: Learn More Below!

Only 15% of startup founders are women. This fact is striking! The good news is that the number of female entrepreneurs worldwide is constantly growing. More and more women are turning to entrepreneurship, jumping from their stable 9 to 5 jobs into complete insecurity. As a female founder, you set up your own terms and finally start charging what you are worth. As a founder, you can have it all! No wonder, more women find entrepreneurship more attractive than a traditional career path. This is when Michelly Castilla comes in!

Michelly is an international speaker and investor. She was certified as a speaker with John C. Maxwell and she has given diverse recognized conferences in several countries. What’s more, she received an Honoris Causa doctorate and she was a guest speaker at TEDx. In 2023, Michelly is planning to release her first book, called “Zombie Mode Off.” One of her main goals as an entrepreneur is to help many people not only to create a successful business that allows them to achieve financial freedom, but also to teach them to develop their full potential!

“At the age of 18 I created a network marketing business, I started it in the middle of a family financial crisis. I decided to surround myself with mentors and I started to learn about leadership. Over time, I created a team of more than 15 thousand people! I’m now 29 years old, and throughout my career I have been able to create different sources of income and a great quality of life”, Michelly shares.

She has been in the industry for over 10 years, building many successful businesses and helping people create systems of tools that support them financially and personally. 

“I help people create their own transformation tools, and entrepreneurs to create their own system where money works for them. I also give conferences for helping teams and companies to change their mindset in order to transform their results”, Michelly adds.

For her, the mindset plays a fundamental role when creating any business. In fact, having the right mindset can be the blueprint for success in life and in any company. Someone with a fixed mindset will, when stuck, assume they have reached the limit of their abilities. A person with a growth mindset, on the other hand, will see the same problem as a challenge and an opportunity to learn more.

“The mentality is the one that is the one that opens or closes doors, the one that drives you or the one that stops you. As you have your mind, you will inevitably have your business!”, Michelly explains.

She manages to stand out from the crowd because she teaches tools that she herself has tried and tested in her life, so that her clients can obtain real results with unique and proven methods. Furthermore, she values people above all else and always tries to add as much value as possible to her work. Michelly is a passionate entrepreneur, who really cares about others and who gives her best every single day.

But of course, not everything has been easy on Michelly’s journey. She had to deal with a financial bankruptcy, where she lost everything she had obtained after hard years of work. In addition, that same year she lost her father, who passed away. Michelly spent a lot of time feeling like she had no direction, not knowing where to go. After months unfocused, sad and apathetic, she decided that she could not go on like this. Despite her mind telling her to give up, she did the opposite. Now, thanks to her courage and strength, she is a successful entrepreneur, highly recognized in the industry, who every day helps hundreds of people achieve the life of their dreams.

“If you are looking to start your own business, be different. Do unique things, leave a mark on all your customers. And if you fail, get happy. Only those who fail are doing something. Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself, it’s your most valuable asset”, Michelly advises.

Despite all of the work that she does already, Michelly still has more plans for 2023. She details them below:

“Soon I am going to launch a very complete program for conscious entrepreneurs who want to leave an important mark, who want to make a difference and who want to create their own system where money works for them. The launch of my book “Zombie Mode Off! is also coming in 2023!

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