Michael Bryant is a Household Name in the CBD World. How He Got There is a Story of Many Twists and Turns. Find Out More Below.

Michael Bryant is a Household Name in the CBD World. How He Got There is a Story of Many Twists and Turns. Find Out More Below.

Sometimes the path that people normally take is not the one meant for everyone. This was the case for Michael Bryant. Michael has had a non-linear pathway to his success in the business world, but it is those moments in his life that taught him many lessons and ideas that would help him later on in life.

“I went to Penn State and dropped out 3x, the last time was when I sold a concierge service to a local grocery chain. I then got into real estate as a realtor and didn’t like the fact that I couldn’t make money in my sleep and I worked on everyone else’s schedule. I left and partnered with my father in law and acquired a few CBD companies that were bundled so we could acquire the merchant processing. We killed those brands immediately after acquisition and then launched our own from scratch,” Michael recounts.

Michael is running a full service business that helps people and businesses do everything from web development, incubation of brands and scaling them with ads, consulting, in house customer service both chat/email and phone support, graphic design, building custom protocols, blockchain tech, phone application development.

Michael knew that the CBD world was going to be a big industry and knew that he could be helpful. He not only shares what he learns with his customer, but the community at large as well.

“Getting into the agency part was actually not on purpose. I am a part of a ton of CBD groups on Facebook for business owners and I would always reply back and share what was working for me. But, some people just want to pay for the shortcut which is why I started charging for consulting. Then people started requesting my development of their sales pages and so on and so forth and KorDev has evolved to what it is today. It’s pretty amazing actually to see the growth we’ve achieved in just two short years. I can’t wait to see how we pivot and adapt in the future,” Michael explains.

What differentiates Michael from others in the CBD business is that he is not claiming to be something that he is not like many others. His goal is always to be authentically himself and run his business as such.

“There’s many people who are “marketers” and gurus. I’m not any of those things, I just understand where consumer behavior is going and where attention is being directed based on culture. I guide my clients and spend based on what is currently working for me and I’m very in tune with those KPI’s,” Michael states.

Michael’s advice to all those hoping to follow in his footsteps is to find a mentor who can help guide you to success. He details what that means below:

“Find a mentor. There’s so much that you don’t know that you don’t know when you’re just starting out. The reason our clients choose us is because I typically save them more money in one phone call then our monthly fee by showing them new ways or giving them access to better connections. Do your research and then message the top people in the field you are going after and offer to work for them for free or offer to pay them and have your specific questions listed and ready to go.”

Michael and his team have a number of exciting projects coming up, so to make sure you don’t miss anything, follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.