Meet Seasonal Inc, The Colombian, Print-Centric Brand That’s About To Blow Up. Learn More Below!

<strong>Meet Seasonal Inc, The Colombian, Print-Centric Brand That’s About To Blow Up. Learn More Below!</strong>

In today’s world, fashion is a way of life. Like other basic needs, clothing is also one of the most essential elements of life. People remain concerned about their dresses. Likewise, fashion trends do play a major role in human life. As fashion has become an inseparable part of human society, it plays certain roles in society. It influences the society and also gets influenced by the society.

In that sense, Seasonal Inc is a Colombian clothing brand whose mission remains to inspire people to stay true to themselves, at any cost. They adapt trends to their unique DNA. What’s more, they put out 3 collections a year and focus on making clothes based on trends and exaggerating them in ways that are still wearable. 

Part of their mission is to create clothes that awaken creativity in the people who wear them. The entire message of the brand is based on creativity, that’s why they make garments that will make people stand out and make them feel like they are making a statement.

The founders of this successful brand are Maria Camila Rey and  Ludmila Parra, two Colombian sisters with an eye for fashion and a lot of originality. They decided to start their business in December 2020, in the middle of the pandemic and when the whole world was going through extremely difficult circumstances. But Maria Camila and Ludmila saw an opportunity in the crisis and they took advantage of that. Thanks to their courage, they now run a very successful and internationally recognized business!

“We were inspired by all the start-ups that were flourishing during that time. It somehow felt like a safe environment to start a business. Everyone else was doing it. We also saw a need for making accurate trends available to the local market”, Maria Camila shares.

Seasonal Inc manages to stand out from the crowd by the originality of their designs and their unique vision. They create their own version of fashion trends and that’s why their clothes match their clients’ personality. In addition, their designs represent an innovative and avant-garde proposal that does not exist twice, with an amazing quality.

“Our vision is unique to us. It’s our way of seeing the world and of expressing it. We stand out from the competition, or atleast differ from it, because no one can have our exact same process of creating, of selling, of communicating, of managing our business. No one is us and that is our power”, Maria Camila explains.

But of course, not everything has been easy on their journey. Maria Camila and Ludmila faced many challenges when creating their business, such as overcoming their own insecurities and self-doubt, otherwise known as imposter syndrome. That’s pretty usual in this fast-changing and uncertain business world, it is all part of the risk that entrepreneurship carries. Maria Camila and Ludmila overcame this initial state of uncertainty and they focused on dealing with everyday situations and deciding what the right business model for Seasonal Inc was.

“Answering the question of what Seasonal’s business model should be and trusting our guts was probably the biggest challenge, we wanted to do it all and in some ways, we did. But we quickly realized that following a specific business model and getting married to it would take us way further”, they add.

What also makes Seasonal Inc, such an exceptional brand is the excellent team that the two sisters make up. As they explain, Ludmila is a textbook organizer, go-getter, good at logistics and operations, and Maria Camila is the creative mind. But the truth is that they wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without each other. Both of their qualities are extremely necessary in building a successful and profitable business, just as they did!

When we asked them about success, they said that for them personally, success means being happy with who they are. But as entrepreneurs, success means doing what they love to do every single day and being able to live off of it. They detail:

“Success also means being able to keep our team happy and motivated towards our common goal. Being able to do it better and bigger. Being able to share it with as many people as possible. Our success as a company doesn’t come down to one thing. It comes down to many different things working properly at the same time. Success is definitely more of a journey than a finish line.”

Despite all the work that they have already done, Maria Camila and Ludmila aren’t planning on slowing down any time soon. They describe their next steps below:

“We want to continue to expand and take Seasonal to every relevant corner in the world. We want to keep growing our wholesale accounts. We want to keep creating. We want to be able to share our unique vision in ways we may not be able to right now because of limited resources. The sky really is the limit. We want to do this for the rest of our lives but bigger, smarter and way more global. We want seasonal to be the small, independent brand that manages to be absolutely everywhere and who’s originality remains contagious.”

Without a doubt, their story is a source of hard work and inspiration not only to entrepreneurs, but to all of us. To find out more about Seasonal Inc,check out their Instagram here and their website here.