Meet Narbeh Sarkisian: The Passionate Young Entrepreneur Disrupting The Digital Marketing Scene With His Authentic Branding

Meet Narbeh Sarkisian: The Passionate Young Entrepreneur Disrupting The Digital Marketing Scene With His Authentic Branding

Narbeh Sarkisian’s story, at first, sounds very familiar. Through his final years of high school, he struggled with the pressure placed on him at a young age to choose a final career path. Struggling to find his true calling, he enrolled in a marketing and human sciences course on a whim, just for the sake of having something to study until he could find what his true passion was. Following high school was four years of being dissatisfied with most of the teachings in university and spending endless amounts of time focusing on self-discovery and studying world trends. At the end of the tunnel, Narbeh finally discovered what he was meant to do.

“I really enjoy helping people, and I had some interest in the marketing side of my course. With those combined with the fact that I understood the world is moving towards a digital age, I started my own digital marketing agency,” Narbeh says. 

Even with a new spark and purpose, Narbeh admits at the start, it was slow and mentally challenging. He had over ten thousand dollars of debt, and yet, he persevered, knowing nothing triumphs over consistency, hunger, and persistence. And as he hoped, it all paid off. 

“After getting my first few clients and achieving outstanding results, my company scaled tremendously in a short amount of time with having helped hundreds of businesses conquer their online presence,” Narbeh says. 

Narbeh’s full scale digital marketing agency truly does it all, including lead generation through digital ads and automation, SEO services, website creation, social media management and content creation, and finally, Instagram follower growth insights. Being able to provide such a breadth of services comes from Narbeh’s passion of helping others, and his world insight that the market is continuing to move towards the digital era. Being able to combine his passion with the gaps in the marketplace has proved wildly successful. 

“The only time I get paid is when I change someone’s life. The gratitude that is presented before you from those individuals is just so fulfilling and it motivates me even more to be better in what I do and to never stop,” Narbeh says. 

In the accessibility of a digital age, many may believe they have what it takes to start their own digital marketing company. While the tools might be available to all, Narbeh says it’s his mindset that truly sets him apart from the crowd, allowing him to rise above. 

“A challenging mindset to overcome is the “get rich quick mindset”. It’s really a toxic mindset to have when starting a business. It ruins your expectations and what it will take to become successful,” Narbeh explains. 

With longevity always in mind, avoiding a quick success story also carries over into how Narbeh navigates competition. As he knows starting and maintaining a business is a long-term commitment, he avoids falling into the common trap of comparing himself to others, whether they be friends or other business owners, who appear on the outside to be out-performing him. 

“This also kills one’s drive to move forward and excel; the most important thing is to focus on yourself and progress everyday,” Narbeh says. 

With that mindset, Narbeh is able to use all his efforts to focus on providing the best possible services to his clients. Ignoring the competition allows his agency to provide everything their clients need for a complete online presence with spot-on targeting. While most agencies will require the client to pay extra on ad-spend, Narbeh’s clients stick with him because that’s covered in their package. Additionally a huge factor in his client retention stems from his values of building strong relationships with his clients. With the greatest agencies around the world, the quality of their services will be more or less the same, but at the end of the day, the client will pick the agency they “like” the most and is why he puts a strong emphasis for himself and his team to build genuine and long term relationships with clients.

“We also incorporate a follow up system to increase conversions with our clients. This is absolutely crucial as there is a saying in sales that essentially you are leaving 80% of your potential revenue on the table without a follow up system. Most importantly, we focus on building relationships with clients,” Narbeh says. 

Be sure to check out more details about all the services offered at Narbeh’s website, or reach out to him over Instagram