Meet Matthew Footner: Your Money Mentor Who Can Help You Earn in New and Easy Ways 

Meet Matthew Footner: Your Money Mentor Who Can Help You Earn in New and Easy Ways 

Matthew Footner is a money advisor with lots of experience working in different cities of the world like Brussels, Abu Dhabi, and Tokyo. He realized that there was a problem with how things were being done in his industry, so he decided to change it.

At one point while at his job, Matthew noticed something interesting: only 1% of the sales team consistently outperformed everyone else. Curious, he dug deeper and found out what made them stand out. 

Turns out, it was their way of thinking, constantly reviewing and tweaking goals, practicing sales techniques, putting in lots of effort, and being committed to reading about their industry. By adopting these habits, he became part of that successful group and began earning more than a million dollars each year.

Now the question was, how could I refine this to help other ambitious people reach seven figures per year using modern technology?” Matthew pondered.

Fueled by insights from well-known self-help books, He created an app called This app offers over 50 audio tools, like deep hypnosis and casual talks for conscious hypnosis. The aim is to assist users in becoming more resilient, conquering the fear of failure, and defeating procrastination. Additionally, the app features motivational videos from successful individuals to give users an extra dose of inspiration.

Although the solutions we offer are to help clients win a passive income or a solution for ambitious people to exceed their income goals, I manage a client service business. Give customers what they want, and as a byproduct, I earn, and my business grows,” Matthew explains.

Matthew kicked off his business with $500. He figured that having a positive mindset and staying optimistic is key. He thought these qualities, along with handling stress and tackling challenges, are like muscles – they can improve with practice.

The biggest obstacle is always ’YOU.’ I have challenges; I move forward; I have obstacles that seem insurmountable; I find the way. With a winning mentality, everything can be achieved. Don’t get stuck with other people questioning him. Don’t listen to those who say no. If you believe in it, do it! ’You can’t swim in the ocean with one foot on the beach,’” Matthew details.

Matthew is now into a business that’s all about fancy boat rentals and thinking about getting shares in four restaurants spread across Brussels, London, Paris, and Milan. Each of these places offers a mix of Asian and Italian food.

Wanting to venture into other industries too, Matthew started to notice that as it pertained to income generation, ordinary people wanted things to be clear and straightforward, so he decided to switch up his career after spending many years in finance. 

Using what he learned over the years, he started working on something new called FX AI Income Solution. It’s a product that uses advanced technology, like artificial intelligence, to generate income without needing a lot of effort.

Now, this project has become a big global business, helping people on five different continents. Matthew is making a good amount of money, hitting six figures, and he’s only working two hours a day. FX AI Income Solution is all about giving people an easy way to make money without putting in a ton of effort.

I looked at the model and drilled down to what is the best way to give clients what they want. Transparency—transparency in fees, transparency in their portfolio, access to their cash with no fees, and very limited restrictions on withdrawals. Finally, let the client have decent returns on their investments,” says Matthew.

On top of and FX AI Income Solution,, Matthew is checking out investing in lovely houses in Italy. These homes are in Umbria, not the super popular Tuscany, but they’re still great for folks who want to enjoy the good life. The plan is to rent these houses to people looking for a vacation spot, and it’s a bit cheaper than Tuscany.

If you’re interested in keeping up with what Matthew is up to and how his businesses are doing in the future, just visit his websites for FX AI and Maximum