Meet Jorge Hernandez: The Personal Inner Healing Guide Who Can Help You Overcome Anxiety, Depression and Addiction

Meet Jorge Hernandez: The Personal Inner Healing Guide Who Can Help You Overcome Anxiety, Depression and Addiction

Jorge Hernandez is known for his work as a high impact marketing, entrepreneurship and sales coach. But today, he is also known by his clients as the best personal guide for inner healing. 

There are moments in life where various situations drive people into states of discouragement, confusion, and even depression. Some even get to thinking there is no meaning to life itself.

“I once was in a position where I felt my life was collapsing with anxiety and depression, as well as addiction to alcohol and smoking. I was also living with debt and had problems with my partner. I survived until I got tired and asked for help.” Jorge shares.

Thanks to the help Jorge received, he learned everything he needed to be able to share it with his own clients through his seminars. Now he offers his clients tools so they can heal and transform their lives by treating their emotional and transgenerational wounds. 

Jorge is offering a VIP one-on-one service of 40 days to help people by accompanying them throughout their process to heal their relationships with their partners, their addictions and other emotional wounds that inhibit their happiness. He calls it the “Clarity Session.”

Jorge started his business because he was able to observe that everything he lived through helped him reach a point where he was able to transmit it to others who are going through similar circumstances. 

“I decided to dedicate myself to this 13 years because after learning how to heal myself, I wanted to share it with others. Everything I teach I have tested myself. If I could get out of the abyss you can also do it with emotional healing.” Jorge states.

All people, regardless of their age, go through different situations in their lives that can become obstacles that must be overcome. Some of these obstacles are of a material nature such as lacking money. Others can be of a personal nature such as limiting beliefs. For Jorge, it was his own emotional wounds, demons, and fears.

“Fear is the absence of love. Fear of judging, criticizing, doubting, lack of harmony, suffering, anxiety, depression. Love is the opposite, but to get there you have to build a bridge called FORGIVENESS.” Jorge says.

Jorge stands out from other coaches, in particular as it pertains to inner healing, because while they may dedicate themselves to performing therapies, he applies a self-tested method.

“I apply what experience has taught me.” Jorge comments, and adds, “I also provide personalized services to my clients by accompanying them and providing support throughout their healing process and transformation of 40 days.” 

Part of Jorge’s next projects include writing a book dedicated to people who are experiencing or have experienced a toxic relationship where they are victims of abuse or lack love in their lives.

“I believe that everyone at some point feels wounded or hurt, and people who have an advantage are those who know themselves the most because they are the ones who know where their anxieties come from. That is why the services I offer help clients reach that knowledge.” He shares.

Jorge was able to overcome the many difficulties in his life because he identified that he needed help and went out to get it. Now he is proud to be the professional people can go to for help. 

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