Meet Dr. Rene Gucón: The Successful Dermatologist Who Is Revolutionizing The Industry With His Concept “Artistic Dermatology”. Learn More Here!

Meet Dr. Rene Gucón: The Successful Dermatologist Who Is Revolutionizing The Industry With His Concept “Artistic Dermatology”. Learn More Here!

Rene Gucón is quite an amazing doctor and specialized dermatologist. Currently, he is internationally recognized for his facial design technique and for being the creator of a revolutionary concept never used before, called Artistic Dermatology.

Rene was born in Culiacán, Sinaloa, México. In 2007 he graduated as an Industrial Designer in Monterrey and later he decided to continue his studies at the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa. Shortly after he moved to Havana, Cuba, in order to continue his postgraduate studies at the University of Medical Sciences of Havana, where he graduated as a specialist in Dermatology.

“Shortly before finishing the Industrial Design degree, I realized that I was not going to be happy doing only design of objects and products, so I undertook the difficult task of entering to study medicine and later I was leaning towards facial design”, Rene explains.

He now runs an Artistic Dermatology Clinic. Four years ago, Rene started his private dermatology practice and quickly distinguished himself for the high quality of his work and for the beautiful results he achieves! He only works with the highest quality materials and his extensive experience in the field allows him to meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients.

What’s more, Rene has always been hyperactive and believes in the work culture. He has worked really hard for everything he has and he never gets tired of giving the extra in every task he does. He is a highly perfectionist person and for that reason he has been so successful! In fact, Rene takes care of each patient as if they were his family, in every aspect.

“I firmly believe that perseverance and patience, coupled with hard work, are the key to the success of any business. You must know how to add value to your work and then be able to offer services and products that solve complex situations. The biggest challenges are in your mind; you need to have the ability to visualize yourself achieving great things. Also, be highly resilient in your way of thinking”, Rene advises.

Rene was motivated to start his business by his desire to positively impact the largest number of people and to contribute with his knowledge and passion to improve the quality of life of all his patients. Actually, he has thousands of satisfied patients with the result of their dermatological treatments. Rene is a successful doctor recognized for the high quality of his work not only in Mexico but throughout the world!

He also has a large community of followers on Instagram who admire his work and enjoy the daily content he shares. In his social media Rene posts tips, useful advice and general information regarding the dermatological treatments he practices. He also shares his day to day and accompanies all this with a necessary dose of humor!

“As far as I know, I am the only industrial designer dermatologist doctor. I was born in a humble neighborhood on the outskirts of Culiacan, my grandparents were farmers, my parents were professionals, my father was a doctor and my mother was a lawyer. Everything I have I have achieved with hard work and a lot of effort! I strive for my work to be perfect, my patients know the high quality of my work and that is why they prefer my services”, Rene details.

Rene is stepping into 2023 with big goals and aspirations, as he describes them below:

“I plan to continue growing my business nationally and internationally, to differentiate myself as an opinion leader in the field, to increase my participation in congresses, to publish the first book on Artistic Dermatology and to create a social project to practice community dermatology with prestigious dermatologists from Mexico and around the world.”

To find out more about Rene, check out his website here. You can also follow him on Instagram here.