Meet Cherry Akins: The Registered Nurse and Former Nail Technician Who Created and Owns Fenixx Nail Co, a Luxury Colorful Acrylic Nail Line

Meet Cherry Akins: The Registered Nurse and Former Nail Technician Who Created and Owns Fenixx Nail Co, a Luxury Colorful Acrylic Nail Line

Cherry Akins is a registered nurse and former nail technician, who is the owner and creator of Fenixx Nail Co., a luxury colorful custom acrylic nail line that offers acrylic powders, acrylic monomers and more.

Cherry began doing nails at an early age after finding a nail kit in her mother’s cosmetology kit. She began gluing nail tips on herself, painting them red before school and popping them off before going home so her parents wouldn’t see.

“By middle school I was gluing tips on my friends and painting their nails. I found wonderful joy in rhinestones by 8th grade. The sky was the limit, if it didn’t sparkle, I wasn’t into it. By the time I reached 10th grade I found myself testing out acrylic powders and monomers. After high school, living on my own I went to manicuring school. It was time to make my mark in the nail world.” Cherry shares.

Cherry loves sparkles, glitter and color, and had hoped to get customers who loved that too. But at first she did not, and so she struggled and gave up on nails for a while. That is when she went to nursing school to become a registered nurse. 

Eventually, Cherry was able to launch Fenixx Nail Co, her luxury colorful custom acrylic nail line and most recently was able to purchase a work space to run it every day. Fenixx Nail Co. offers acrylic powders of different types–matte, shimmer, chunky glitters, translucent, cover and core–that can be purchased in sample sizes (1oz, 2oz and 4oz). 

“In addition to acrylic powder, Fenixx Nail Co offers acrylic monomer in medium setting and regular setting, acrylic brushes, nail tips, and gel polish. One of my ultimate favorite items is the Electric Nail Drill. It’s a LCD touch screen controlled drill. Lowest setting is one that’s perfect for buffing shine or debulking a nail.” Cherry explains.

Cherry’s motivation to start Fenixx Nail Co was her love for color and nails. She loves to create and recreate color just by looking around. That’s why she struggles to answer simple questions like, “what is your favorite color?”

The biggest challenge for Cherry was getting the right formula that had smooth consistency. She felt that she needed to get the formula down for people to love Fenixx. Another challenge has been getting attention from people. But she overcomes that with her great product.

“My advice to people starting their business is to study your craft well and know exactly what you’re trying to accomplish. Then study your competition, then study their competition, and make sure you have a detailed plan for every segment of your business. Make sure you have a support system as well. Above all, don’t forget business isn’t free. You will need money.” Cherry states.

Her next plans include the Fenixx Nail Co Glass Glace’ Gel System, which will be gel polish, builder gel, and hard gel system. In 2022, Fenixx Nail will also participate at Premiere Orlando and will be adding supply vending machines to local malls in the Phoenix area. 

Cherry differentiates herself from other similar business owners because she believes in her product and knows that people will like it if they give it a try. She also understands the value of financial freedom–which is having passive income that allows her to make decisions out of need and want instead of decisions being made for her because of her financial situation.

“I pride myself on class, product integrity, and excellent customer service. I’m giving the customers what they want and need out of an acrylic nail brand. Using Fenixx Nail Co is a true experience. I want everyone interested to experience my brand. Fenixx Nail Co will be offering nail retreats in the future. These retreats will serve as a demonstration of the products to beginner nail techs and nail enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to experience the Fenixx luxury formula.” She adds.

Learn more about Cherry and Fenixx Nail Co. here.