LoftGo Is The Construction Company That Offers Safe Investments, Real-Time Monitoring Of All Projects, Personalized Customer Service, Automation And Much More!

 LoftGo Is The Construction Company That Offers Safe Investments, Real-Time Monitoring Of All Projects, Personalized Customer Service, Automation And Much More!

What does the future of living look like to you? High-tech appliances might come to mind, but if current trends are any indication of what’s to come, the future of living will revolve around something else – time: smart lofts!

As we trade in spacious suburban homes for city lofts and condos, our priorities have shifted from material goods to experiences. Time is the new luxury. 

This means our future living spaces must evolve as well. They should enable us to save time, not just store stuff. They should connect us to the world. In living spaces of the future, intelligence will be built into the walls, not just plugged into an outlet.

Smart lofts go well beyond devices, they’re a new approach to the entire multifamily experience. These smart apartments better serve our need for flexibility and convenience. 

In that regard, LoftGo is a successful construction company specialized in building, marketing and managing special smart lofts-type apartments for rentals on digital platforms.

“We are specialized in the construction of INTELLIGENT LOFTS:  Modern double-height homes with small areas in which the spaces are connected to each other and the divisions are scarce, resulting in a large space with natural lighting and ventilation”, reads their website.

Daniel Garces Lopez is the businessman and entrepreneur who founded this company 10 years ago. In its beginnings, the business was dedicated to the construction of traditional apartments, however, due to the fact that in the last 4 years the hotel and tourism sector has experienced an exponential growth of more than 95% in the main cities of Colombia, Mexico and USA, Daniel decided to transform his business model and specialize in the construction of smart loft-type apartments to rent on airbnb-type short-stay platforms.

“At LoftGo we sell complete loft apartments starting at $50,000 for people to rent on Airbnb or, in case they don’t have availability or interest, we manage them and charge only 15%”, Daniel explains.

What’s more, they are currently building more than 90 loft apartments in Medellin, Colombia specially to rent on AIRBNB in 3 different buildings! As a result of the success of the construction company and the knowledge that both Daniel and his brother Sebastian have in technology and process automation, they also created a platform called InvestWE, which allows people to invest from $50 USD in real estate properties to rent on AIRBNB-type short-stay platforms in Colombia and the US.

“We plan to democratize real estate investment so that any person can invest in this industry without having to invest large sums of money or have advanced knowledge, from anywhere in the world!”, Daniel share.

LoftGo manages to stand out in an industry as competitive as real estate because they offer safe investments, real-time monitoring of all investments and projects, personalized customer service and the possibility of investing from anywhere in the world!

Without a doubt, the lofts in addition to being comfortable offer many other advantages. Renting in a loft has become one of the most popular trends, especially on temporary rental platforms, thanks to the multiple advantages that these homes offer, including intelligence, automation, robotic assistant and much more.

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