Learn How To Invest Wisely In Real Estate And Maximize Your Profits With Santiago Garzon, The Successful Real Estate Professional: Check Out More Information Below!

 Learn How To Invest Wisely In Real Estate And Maximize Your Profits With Santiago Garzon, The Successful Real Estate Professional: Check Out More Information Below!

From time immemorial, owning real estate has been associated with status, wealth and credibility. Along with gold, it was the safest way of securing one’s wealth. As we stepped into the modern era, a lot of other investment options developed, but real estate still remains one of the most secure and beneficiary avenues for a long term, profitable form of investment. 

Real estate is a necessity since everyone needs a place to reside, and the investment in real estate solves this problem and secures the future. Its value always increases over time and it provides a considerable ability to generate cash flow! The truth is that real estate is easy to purchase, convenient to finance, gives tax advantages, improves your lifestyle and is devoid of any insurmountable financial barriers. Hence, real estate, even today, remains one of the most advantageous investment options.

Here is when Santiago Garzon comes in! Santiago is a certified real estate professional, real estate consultant, entrepreneur and businessman who helps people invest in properties in a wise and profitable way.

Based in Colombia, he bought her first home at age 20, earning just over minimum wage and with no credit experience. After this great achievement, Santiago decided to share his knowledge through social media so that all those who wanted to buy a home like him could do so!

To date, Santiago has positively impacted the lives of thousands of Colombians. He has a big community of over 200.000 followers in all his social media channels and his content receives more than a million views. Thanks to his great work, the Ministry of Housing of Colombia in 2021 awarded him the “Patricio Samper Gnecco Medal of Merit”, as the most important influencer in the country in terms of housing!

“The lack of financial education in Colombia makes people consider it impossible to invest in a home because they think that this business is only for billionaires, or that large sums of money are needed to get started. I started working in this industry with the motivation to dismantle these myths and teach people that with the correct information they can achieve very profitable and long-lasting investments in housing, so that they can build assets and have financial freedom through real estate”, Santiago shares.

For Santiago, his mindset has been decisive in his path to success. As he explains, having the right mindset is essential to be successful in any type of business. Every entrepreneur must always have their ideas clear and their emotions controlled, keeping their team motivated and, above all, working with a lot of passion and discipline!

“We have a very big differential factor and it is the user experience when entering a community. The biggest fear of any investor is feeling alone, so we avoid doing this and instead we offer our clients a quality service, fully personalized. Having a solid community that accompanies you throughout the process is essential to obtain results in life”, Santiago adds.

Part of his purpose is to impact the lives of a million Colombians through high-quality education so that they can invest in housing and, through this knowledge,  learn how the entire investment process is done in order to build financial freedom and achieve the life of their dreams.

“Also, we have been developing an idea that will revolutionize the real estate industry to include great technological advances in a fairly conservative market, with the purpose of streamlining all processes and taking the investor from the conception of the purchase idea to the administration of their property, so that it becomes an integral process!”, Santiago details.

He advises all entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own company to have a huge passion for their business, and to work with discipline while building smart habits that help them continue when faced with challenges.

“Knowledge is something that no matter what happens in the world, nothing and no one can take it away from us, so never hesitate to invest in yourself, in your knowledge, and in your skills, that will help you achieve whatever you want. you propose in life”, he concludes.

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