Kuextion Went From Appearing on His Friends EP to Making a Name for Himself in the Music Industry. Find Out His Story Below.

Kuextion Went From Appearing on His Friends EP to Making a Name for Himself in the Music Industry. Find Out His Story Below.

A moment with a friend can have an impact for a lifetime. This was the case with Shumirai Tsikada, better known as Kuextion. He had had a passion for music since as far back as he can remember. However, it wasn’t until his good friend offered him an opportunity to record and appear on an EP with him that Kuextion realized that music was something that he should pursue.

One of my homies put together an EP in which I made an appearance and recorded for the first time. After hearing my voice on the track, I was like “that’s legit!” and wanted to put out more. My Mom bought my sister software and a mic which sat in her room but I figured she never used it, so I went and stole the never-used equipment and attempted to download it on my computer. I wasn’t able to figure out how to make it work at the time so I started making beats and recording songs on my phone. It wasn’t the best quality but it got the job done,” Kuextion recounts.

As Kuextion began to develop and grow his career, he started to invest in himself and buy real equipment and started to perform for live audiences. Once he started becoming more serious, Kuextion decided to leave school to pursue his dreams full time. These decisions led to him successfully releasing his first album and much more. 

“I am a producer, I run a Youtube channel that drives traffic to my beat store https://www.kuextion.com. This helps me generate passive income from both posting beats online and getting monetized in addition to the online sales on my beat store. I have now released my debut album “hustler’s nights” on April 22, 2022, brought over 200k views on YouTube in less than 3 months, started selling merchandise and am able to consistently bring in sales from my beat store,” Kuextion explains.

What has helped Kuextion through the obstacles within the music industry has always been having a good mindset in order to get the work done that needs to get done. However, that does mean that his journey was not without challenges. He was constantly in his head and doubting himself.

“The biggest challenge is just starting, prior to accomplishing these goals I would be so in my head about how perfect I wanted my music to be as well as how long it would take for my YouTube to do well. Eventually I just went for it. I stopped being my biggest critic and stopped making excuses for not putting out the product!” Kuextion states.

However, these difficult moments were never enough to distract Kuextion from ultimately achieving his goals in life. What has helped differentiate him from others in the same industry is that he and his sound are unique in a way that many others cannot replicate.

I’m a hybrid, both an artist and producer so this gives me an advantage because I am able to craft my own sound instead of having to go look for it elsewhere,” Kuextion says.

With so much talent, Kuextion has been planning things for the future. He details then below:

The next move is to prepare for my second self produced studio Album. Although it may not be released until 2023. I have already started my process. My second album will be entirely self produced and the rollout will be extravagant.”

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