Josh Berman Is Showing Others How He Achieved Financial Freedom Through High ROI Passive Investments, And How They Can Do The Same

Josh Berman Is Showing Others How He Achieved Financial Freedom Through High ROI Passive Investments, And How They Can Do The Same

Josh Berman, fondly referred to by his growing investment group as, “Mr. BIG,” “The Crypto GOAT” and “The Currency Magnet,” among other amiable monikers, is a successful marketing, branding & management professional as well as entrepreneur and investor. Josh has achieved great success as an agency owner, working with some of the top Fortune 500 and 100 companies in the world as well as top athletes, recording artists, and other celebrities. However, such high achievements also brought an ever-increasing workload and responsibilities.

With little to no time for his family, friends, or personal life, Josh found himself facing a difficult decision. Though he was proud of his financial and professional accomplishments, he lacked the freedom to enjoy the benefits of his success. He knew he needed to make a change.

Often hearing about alternative investments, Josh was curious but skeptical. After doing a lot of research and reading white papers & proposals which promised high ROI opportunities that pay daily (including cryptocurrency, AI tech and DeFi platforms), he realized that there exists a massive world of opportunities in passive income programs. He also soon realized that there was a lot to learn, as the rules of the personal investing “game” had not only changed, but there was a new rulebook altogether.

Undeterred, Josh delved into his new endeavor – from cryptocurrency and forex to AI, automated Amazon stores and more. Within a couple of months of becoming involved in these types of investments, Josh was already excelling and multiplying his money. “I have always been good at figuring out and maximizing systems. And that’s exactly what I did here,” states Josh.

Unsurprisingly, with newfound success, (and more free time), people began asking for his guidance in navigating ways to create their own passive income. Being a leader at heart, Josh was naturally happy to help and freely offered support to all who asked. “I have always been a coach, mentor and consultant to my clients, family and friends, helping them to achieve their professional and financial goals. Now, I have a new set of clients, team members and family who I am so passionate about helping achieve their financial freedom and living the lives they truly want and deserve,” says Josh.

Recognizing a unique fit between his drive to help others, and a growing need for support and guidance over a diverse population, Josh developed a niche group/community to provide information on this “new world,” access to legitimate, profitable programs as well as shared advice, support, and comradery. The Berman Investment Group (BIG) was born. 

Their investment portfolio includes a selection of incredible, vetted, high ROI passive investment programs with a range of levels of risk, reward/return and minimum investment. By learning how to maximize the profit from each, Josh has been able to develop an overall strategy to success and financial freedom and teaches others how he was able to achieve these results in such a short timeframe, and how he continues to make it grow exponentially.

With his wide range of business, financial, client, marketing, management and entrepreneurial experience and knowledge, Josh stands out from others in the industry. The Berman Investment Group provides information and access to high return investment platforms (that used to be only for the rich) with little to medium risk levels and allows clients to get involved in markets like cryptocurrency, forex and AI technology with no knowledge, little money and in most cases, not being susceptible to the volatility of the market. Hence, by investing with these platforms, you can let your money work for you without any previous knowledge and with little to no stress.

Furthermore, Josh has put great effort into growing the BIG Family with members who are some of the smartest, most helpful, caring, incredible people who all work together for everyone’s success. “After all, we’re all just investors on the road to financial freedom, so most group members help each other like it was their own account or family member. It’s really a great environment,” Josh says with a big smile. “I feel like a proud Father when I see that, and I truly share in the joy in each of their successes.”

“The most important part of being a successful investor is taking that first step to break the belief barrier. We’ve been taught that 0.5% from a bank or 10% per year from ‘traditional investments’ are good returns. They’re not! Banks were meant to be used for transactions like paying our bills, not to save or grow our money. Banks don’t even keep their money in their banks.” Josh continues, “We have platforms in the BIG Portfolio that do 100-500% per year and more with compounding. But you have to believe and take that first step. You can’t win sitting on the sidelines,” says Josh.

This year, Josh is focused on adding new platforms and opportunities to the portfolio and helping people take control of their lives just like he did – by achieving financial freedom through passive investments. “I’m looking to change thousands of more lives over this next year and create new six and seven digit earners,” states Josh.

The Group is 100% Free to join. There is no membership, monthly or any other fee EVER, and Josh will never ask you to send him or the group money. Find out more about The Berman Investment Group by visiting their website and following them on Facebook Here.

Disclaimer: Any information provided by Josh Berman in this article is based on personal experience. Each reader of this article should perform his or her own research regarding any financial investment. Do not use any information or content contained in this article as a basis to make a financial investment decision. Any statements pertaining to financial investment in this article are for informational purposes only, you should not construe any such information or other material as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. Nothing contained in this article constitutes solicitation, recommendation, endorsement, or offer by BIG, its members or any third party service provider to buy or sell any securities or other financial instruments. Nothing contained in this article constitutes professional and/or financial advice.