John García, aka Dr. Fiverstars Brings a Personalized Plastic Surgery Service

John García, aka Dr. Fiverstars Brings a Personalized Plastic Surgery Service

John García, aka Dr. Fiverstars, is a plastic surgeon who specializes in advanced techniques to provide the best service to his patients. He leads Five Stars Plastic Surgeon, a center for plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

John’s initial motivation was to change lives from his area of expertise: plastic surgery. Also, he observed that many people went under several plastic surgeries but still were not satisfied with the results because they did not see their desired outcome. Besides being an aesthetic issue, some patients even suffered complications and injuries. This is why John wanted to provide quality results for all his patients.

He manages a portfolio specialized in plastic surgery and integral medicine. It also provides guidance through the different processes so that patients feel safe and oriented. “We are characterized by a personalized and high quality service. We attend one patient per day in order to dedicate to them completely and provide to them the time and counsel”, comments John.

Like other doctors, John went through formal education to obtain his degree. Nevertheless, once he graduated, he realized there were few spots for his specific field. This is what drove him to do what he loves and began his own business as a plastic surgeon. “Despite the difficulties that this idea could bring, on the road I learned to flow, to not set back and to always think what I could obtain long term with my decisions in the short term”, he shares.

His biggest challenge was to understand that in his business, he was dealing with human lives, which implies a bigger risk and responsibility. In this sense, John’s services also cover an educational part for patients, so he or she can understand this, therefore, making them feel secure. “We all have to be committed; we accomplish the surgery but the patient is responsible for his/her recovery. A good result comes from the compromise and teamwork from both parts: patient and surgeon”, he states.

John stands out because he brings an excellent service that goes beyond the physical work. Additionally, he uses the latest technology, which has allowed innovation in his patients’ outcomes. Five Stars Plastic Surgeon is recognized by the removal of flaccidity and scars after surgery, significant improvement in contour definition. With the Vaser, jplasma and ultrasound technology, he has been able to offer great results to the patients’ desires.

In the medium term, John wishes to move to the US to experience a new lifestyle that will give his business a new vision. He wants to expand his mission and to keep helping people through his services as a surgeon.

To him, mindset is super important; it will help you to look at the obstacles forward and will help you overcome them. Finally, he shares that God is always accompanying in every decision and he is the motor to keep going in hard times and to keep following his mission.