Jhon López: A Visionary Entrepreneur on a Mission for Animal Respect and Freedom

Jhon López: A Visionary Entrepreneur on a Mission for Animal Respect and Freedom

In a digital era characterized by innovation and connectivity, Jhon López emerges as a visionary entrepreneur with a profound mission. Beyond his official titles, he is a passionate artist and a tireless advocate for animals. Through his creation, Gwoaw, he has not only transformed the landscape of social networking but has also become a driving force for freedom.

Jhon’s journey towards respect for animals began with what he calls the “Green Energy of the Heart,” considering it to represent the divine strength of love, respect, and compassion towards living beings. As Jhon puts it, “The green energy is always there; we just need to pay attention.

From an early age, he developed a profound connection with animals by spending a lot of time with them, playing, and observing them in awe as they flew, ran, leaped, slithered, or swam. To him, animals transcend the status of mere creatures; he believes they are magical beings, custodians of profound wisdom, and bearers of invaluable life lessons, and just like human beings, they deserve respect.

“In their eyes, I see beings yearning for happiness and dignity, whose hearts beat with the same passion and desire to live as ours.” Jhon shares.

This profound connection ultimately led him to adopt a way of life connected to compassion and unwavering respect for animals. Today, Gwoaw remains a leading platform for promoting respect for animals and the environment through an authentic, fresh, and innovative style. “Green Energy” and “Magic” have become distinctive symbols of the brand and can be found in all aspects of the platform, from its design to its content.

Jhon is creating an indelible mark on the global vegan movement and changing the way we perceive social media. Gwoaw is a revolutionary concept that promotes freedom and authenticity of being, aiming to create a digital community united by values of empathy and respect for animals. 

“Authenticity is who we are, it all begins there. It’s how you express yourself in the world and how you relate to others. If you want to help animals, also focus on helping yourself. That way, your assistance will be more consistent, impactful, and effective.” Jhon shares.

Undoubtedly, his career characterizes him as a passionate entrepreneur; he even decided to create WFVE.org, The World Federation of Vegan Entrepreneurship, from where he has called for the participation of prominent figures on a global level in vegan entrepreneurship, with the aim of further promoting and improving ethical entrepreneurship centered on respect and the protection of animals.

Jhon promotes the broader concept of respecting animals as a universal principle. He emphasizes the importance of transcending labels that limit personal and spiritual growth. He believes that identity and authenticity should expand rather than restrict. Although he leads a way of life respectful of animals, Jhon asserts that he prefers not to label himself as a vegan and, instead, chooses to communicate veganism in a practical way. He advocates for a broader understanding of animal respect as a universal principle and suggests that the term “vegan” should be primarily used in the context of products and services rather than as a defining characteristic of individuals.

The message is unmistakable for him: it’s about fostering respect for animals, irrespective of the labels. “Gwoaw, represents the green energy of the heart. It embodies the ideals of connection, truth, love, and compassion that emanate from the innate wisdom of our hearts.” shares Jhon.

Gwoaw is an inclusive, fresh, and dynamic platform where everyone is welcome, regardless of the labels or terms with which individuals have chosen to identify themselves or not, such as vegans, vegetarians, etc. Anyone interested, including those who still consume animal products, can access and share a wide variety of content related to the topic, from educational resources to plant-based recipes, travel experiences, entertainment, and much more.

The platform also provides content creators, entrepreneurs, and businesses an innovative structure. Users can customize their profiles based on their unique styles and areas of interest. Additionally, Gwoaw facilitates the registration of animal-respectful businesses, which span restaurants, bakeries, hotels, markets, and more. It promotes direct commerce connections between distributors and companies, fostering alliances and a thriving ecosystem.

Jhon passion extends to constant movement. His recent project, “Voy Libre,” is a testament to his commitment to promoting practical veganism and respect for all animals. In “Voy Libre,” he embarks on a motorcycle journey around the world, starting in South America, documenting travel experiences along the way. The goal is to showcase the reality of vegan tourism and the ever-growing options available to travelers, such as hostels and hotels with vegan-friendly products and food, tourist destinations, natural wonders, historical sites, and much more. It also highlights the allure of adventurous travel, where minimalism and practicality rule the day.

This initiative is carried out in collaboration with Viaja.Click, a travel agency created within the Gwoaw ecosystem. Additionally, partnerships with prominent global vegan entrepreneurs, such as Mauricio Martínez, the creator of Stärken Vegano, the leading company for isolated vegan proteins in Latin America, and the eco-friendly tire company llantaspalmira.com, which also aims to recycle and repurpose tires for additional use after their initial purpose, demonstrate the potential of the initiative to reshape the travel industry.

Jhon vision for Gwoaw goes even further. He introduces the “Yogan” concept, focusing on animal respect practices rather than the “vegan” identity. “Yogan” is ideal for those who prefer not to label themselves but wish to denote their animal-respectful practices. It’s not about saying “I am Yogan” but rather “I practice Yogan,” an approach that distinguishes it from traditional labels. The official website, www.yogan.org, has received acclaim from academics, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and global animal respect advocates who appreciate its unique perspective.

Jhon influence transcends the business world. He’s not merely an entrepreneur; he’s a fervent advocate for animals, a visionary artist, and a beacon of hope that points towards a world where respect and freedom for animals reign supreme. Gwoaw, the authentic social network, transcends geographical boundaries and motivates people to make connections in a more compassionate world.

This is just the beginning of Jhon López’s remarkable journey—one filled with boundless creativity, unwavering commitment, and a resounding call for a world where animals are accorded the respect and freedom they genuinely deserve.

Jhon will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on our collective consciousness, reminding us of the power of one individual’s unwavering commitment to a noble cause.

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