Jeremy Anderson’s Hurdles As A Teen Left In Him The Desire To Help Kids Struggling In Today’s Education System

Jeremy Anderson’s Hurdles As A Teen Left In Him The Desire To Help Kids Struggling In Today’s Education System

Jeremy Anderson overcame many obstacles throughout his life. His mother had him at the young age of 16, and while she did the best she could to provide for him, Jeremy struggled with the absence of his biological father, a diagnosis of ADHD, repeated failure in school, drug and alcohol abuse, drug dealing, and repeated arrest. However, thanks to the grace of God and a group of teachers who refused to give up on him, Jeremy was able to not only get his act together and catch up in school, but also become a part of the student government and graduate from high school on time. Jeremy went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and a Master’s Degree later on. 

Despite having reached success through his formal education, Jeremy’s heart was still heavy seeing how the youth of today struggles with low self worth, addictions, and depression, just like he had in the past. Because of this, Jeremy and his wife quit their full time jobs in order for him to pursue his passion for public speaking and help kids who are going through similar situations as those experienced by Jeremy. 

“I knew that my story would inspire millions around the globe, but I had to be willing to take a risk and make some necessary sacrifices for the enhancement of others. That risky leap of faith paid off in a major way!,” states Jeremy. 

Today, Jeremy is the CEO of The Jeremy Anderson Group, LLC, an educational consulting firm. Over the years, Jeremy and his wife Traci have been fortunate enough to work with hundreds of schools around the country and abroad. Through his work, Jeremy has emerged as one of the Top Motivational Speakers in the educational arena. Being gifted with the ability to touch the hearts and minds of an audience, Jeremy is brought into schools to motivate and inspire students. He has been privileged to travel the world inspiring the next generation of students and their teachers, and has spoken all over America, and even countries like Banglore India, Johannesburg and Cape Town South Africa, Melbourne and Sydney Australia, Bermuda, and the Grand Cayman Islands. 

“My message of overcoming adversity, the power of hard work, and taking ownership is one that students respect and can relate to,” says Jeremy. 

In addition to inspiring millions of students, Jeremy also trains and motivates their teachers through a professional staff development program for educators. 

“I have a deep passion for educators because I remember how they changed my life. I truly feel like teachers are heroes,” Jeremy shares. 

The Jeremy Anderson Group, LLC has also created a K-12 Character Curriculum called “Next Level Student” (SEL), which has been a game changer for schools all across America. “Imagine this….they once told me that I wasn’t high school material…now I write High School materials!,” Jeremy says. 

Jeremy knew that he had a message that could shift the culture in schools today, which is what inspired him to become involved in public speaking, especially within underprivileged communities. Furthermore, Jeremy and his wife Traci also have a non-profit organization in the U.S. and in South Africa that is dedicated to feeding kids in impoverished communities, as well as sponsoring kids in schools. It is evident that Jeremy has a great passion for his work, as he tells his story: 

“My deep desire to make an impact in the world is what moved us to start my public speaking and consulting career. Most people just think that I’m just a motivational speaker, but the work that I do is so much more than that. My messages, programs, and curriculums are changing the directory of countless lives, and their future generations. Educators are overworked and underpaid, and I have the perfect message and program that can give them the reboost that they need to give their kids their absolute best!” 

Jeremy fought through the pain of losing two children, depression, addictions, repeated failure in school, and poverty. These experiences, while incredibly challenging, have allowed him to grow into the person he is today and be able to inspire others with his story. 

“In all that I go through, I know that I will get stronger from the experience. I’m able to smile in the midst of adversity because I believe that “my condition will not be my conclusion,” shares Jeremy. 

Most recently, Jeremy launched a Next Level Speakers Academy where he trains and develops the next generation of speakers so that they can then go onto inspiring other people. Later on this year, Jeremy and Traci will also be launching their Next Level Real Estate, as well as their digital platform for their SEL Character Curriculum. 

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