Ivan “Justice” Is The Successful Tattoo Artist That Is Positively Impacting The Lives of Thousands of People Through His Art

 Ivan “Justice” Is The Successful Tattoo Artist That Is Positively Impacting The Lives of Thousands of People Through His Art

Tattoos are a form of art. They are a beautiful means of self expression that allow you to turn your body into your own personal art gallery. What’s more, according to some studies, right after getting tattoos, both men and women have higher self esteem because they feel more unique and they are likely to get another tattoo in the future.

There are so many reasons to get a tattoo. If you’re an ink fan, we don’t need to tell you that tattoos let you express yourself, and are truly a passion for those who love them!

In that sense, Ivan Jovanovic also known as Ivan Justice, is a renowned tattoo artist who also runs a tattoo shop and piercing shop. Born in Serbia, he moved to Germany in 2017 where he decided to specialize in black and gray realism because that’s what he enjoys doing the most. Little by little, he started to improve, to learn more and to perfect his technique, until he became the award winning artist and leader within the industry that he is today.

“I started going to the conventions and competing, but as a beginner it was hard to accept the loss. After every loss I just kept learning more and more, kept improving myself and kept trying. Finally, after a couple of years I started winning the conventions and my work got noticed. But I still never ever stop learning. In the meantime I started to paint and that is something I enjoy so much as well, in my free time I always paint!”, Ivan explains.

He was inspired to start working in this industry from the very first moment he held a tattoo machine in his hands. “I knew that was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I was not thinking about the money, the only thing important for me was to create art on the skin. That’s why I decided to dedicate my life to tattooing and art.”

Seeing how successful Ivan is today, it’s easy to think that his start in the business world was easy. But quite the opposite. To get to where he is today, Ivan had to face some big difficulties including moving to Europe, learning how to tattoo, studying a new language and making a name for himself in a crowded industry, full of amazing artists.

“I guess one of the biggest obstacles was at the beginning of my career, where I had no options to go forward, where everybody laughed when I said “I am going to start tattooing” and not having the money to even buy the tattoo equipment, he adds.

In order to overcome that difficult time, Ivan used a powerful weapon: his mindset. He truly believes that without the right mindset you can hardly achieve your goals. For him, success it’s  5% talent and the rest is only hard work, passion and dedication.

“The mindset I have is set your goal and don’t stop until you get there, it does not matter how many times you fail, it does not matter how hard or impossible your goal look like, it does not matter you if don’t have support, just focus on your goal, work very hard, ignore all the fails and the negativity and you will see that everything is possible. The winner is a loser who never quit!”, Ivan details.

Up to date, he manages to stand out from other similar artists because he does his art with all his soul. Also, he really likes to create his own designs and to be different, in order to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding clients. In addition, he is extremely careful with details and offers excellent customer service to his extensive clientele.

Though Ivan is already working incredibly hard with his business, he is not planning on slowing down anytime soon. He is working on some new paintings, which he hopes to finish by the end of the year and make an exhibition. In addition, he has a couple of big tattoo projects started which will be ready soon! 

“I just want to do art , create new paintings and tattoos and push forward in my career, always being better as a person and an artist”, he shares.

“If you’re trying to start your own business, work hard and never stop improving. Always learn, always keep it up. Never start anything with negativity, always be positive. Keep reaching goals and alway set new ones”, Ivan concludes.

Without a doubt, Ivan’s story is a source of hard work and inspiration not only to tattoo artists and entrepreneurs, but to all of us. To learn more about his work, click here!