Israel Cordova, at Age 18, Thought He Had Destroyed His Credit for Life. Instead, He Was Able to Turn it Around and is Now Helping Others do the Same. 

Israel Cordova, at Age 18, Thought He Had Destroyed His Credit for Life. Instead, He Was Able to Turn it Around and is Now Helping Others do the Same. 

Credit cards are often a blessing and a curse for many people. While they allow people to have more purchasing power at the time of purchase, they can often become a slippery slope for those who do not have the actual purchasing power to back up their purchases. This can lead to permanent credit damage, which has incredible downstream effects like inhibiting people’s abilities to buy houses, cars, and many other important items!

Israel Cordova was one of these people who got in credit card trouble early on in his life. As a young 18 year old, he received numerous credit card applications in the mail and decided to apply for them all.

As every 18 year old, as soon as I got to be a legal adult credit card offers came in the mail. With little to no knowledge I accepted the offers, I mean it was lines of credit being offered to me. Why not right?  Wrong! I accepted several credit cards and started using them. Once the time to pay came around, I made my minimum payment and continued to use them. Before I knew it I had maxed out my credit cards, and making the minimum payment only took care of the interest. I defaulted on my first card, then the second one, once the other banks got a hold of this information they closed out the rest of my cards,” Israel recounts.

After this difficult start with his credit, Israel found himself getting declined for loans and losing money left and right. However, he would not let this be the end of his financial story. Instead of despairing and letting his credit be as it was, he decided to learn everything humanly possible about credit and credit cards.

“I found several seminars and attended those as well. I just wanted to know everything there was so that I could fix my situation and be able to get my family a home of our own. This stage took me just around a year, then I finally felt confident to start implementing what I had learned. I started working on my own credit, and it took me 1 year to get from 485 to 732. I was as happy as you can imagine,” Israel states.

This is what inspired Israel to create his own credit business. He knew he was not alone in the struggle to get good credit and understand the world of financial services. He wanted to give back to others so that no one would have to go through the same struggles as him.

“I now run a credit repair company. We have helped thousands fix and regain control of their credit life. We have helped our clients remove student loans, late payments, medical bills, charge-offs, repossessions, bankruptcies, late payments, and much more. We have seen clients go from the low 400s into the 700 club and be able to obtain the new car and that new home,” Israel says.

Israel is different from many others in the same industry because he is not just fixing the debt or bad credit that people have incurred, but rather teaching them how to avoid the vicious cycle of falling back into the world of bad credit.

We not only remove negative accounts, we educate our clients on how they can maintain their credit strength even after we are done. We offer money back guarantee to our clients, we have low start up fees, and we make sure we guarantee our work. We offer a service called credit snapshot on our website where you can check your credit score and credit report summary no credit card required, as a gift to our visitors to the site,” Israel details.

Israel isn’t slowing down any time soon and is looking forward to helping more and more families overcome their credit challenges. To find out more about him, follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.