During the pandemic, millions of people realized that their busy, fast-paced lifestyle wasn’t what they expected. Many of them left their jobs to find a distinct quality of life and achieve their personal well-being, giving rise to the social phenomenon that is known as Great Resignation. 

People are increasingly looking for something different in their lives, specifically a slower and more satisfying approach. 

According to Google, in 2020 the views of videos with “slow living” in the title increased by 4 times. 

And 4.8 million Instagram posts use the hashtag #slowliving

Slow living is definitely the new fast-growing consumer trend, in response to a need for a more peaceful, relaxed lifestyle.  

The Growing Importance of Time 

Do you know what is BUSYNESS? 

Yes, don’t worry, it’s not a writing mistake. 

BUSYNESS is a concept that incorporates the word “busy” into the generic term “business” and indicates the current characteristic of a fast-paced modern life, particularly our work life. 
“We are on busyness” could be a different, but I think more illustrative, way to express similar concepts: time-starved, time-poor, time scarcity. 

How many times have you wondered, “I don’t have enough time today”, or “I’m running out of time”. 

And how many times do you feel “pressed for time”?  

But unfortunately, our time hasn’t changed. There are still 24 hours a day. 

We always need more time; we are always busy with something.    
And that inclination to take life faster and faster can cause stress. 

But what’s going on? Because the average time we spend working hasn’t increased in recent years indeed. 

Are we busier than ever before?  
Or more plausibly, we just feel busier? 

Regardless of whether we are or feel so busy these days, the fact is that busyness is a reality that affects not only work but also our entire life. 

But what is the antidote to this conflicting relationship with time? 

Slow Living Lifestyle 

Use better your time with a slow living lifestyle

More and more people learn that more does not equal better. And, busy does not equal important.  
Busyness in their life could not be a status symbol of a successful life forever. 

We have different approaches to a slow living definition: 

✅ It is a life philosophy, a state of mind and being, a reflective approach to your daily life. 

✅ It is nourishing, savoring the minutes instead of counting them. 

✅ It is taking a long-term view of your own life and the world around you. 

✅ It is about well-being and doing everything as well as possible instead of as fast as possible. 

✅ It is a connection with yourself, those around you, and the world. 

Not always faster is better! 

But we have to specify something: 

1.       Slow living is not doing everything as slowly as possible 

Slow living isn’t about losing time by going slowly; it’s about gaining time by doing the things that are most important to you. 

2.        Slow living means not only simple living 

Simple living, also known as minimalism, is a lifestyle that invites you to hold only what supports a meaningful life and let go of the rest.  
Instead, slow living means better use of time.  
But it can happen that some people decide to take the best of both worlds and live slowly and simply. 

3.        Slow living is not about doing and being less 

While slow living eliminates the nonessentials from your life, the intent is to free up time so you can be more. 

4.   Slow living is not anti-technology 

How to get started with a slow living lifestyle 

  1. Understand busyness and recognize that is a choice 

The concept of Busyness is mainly in your mind, in how you think about your life.  

That means slow living is a lifestyle choice

  1. Define what is most important to you, not to others 

Do what is important to you, without following what is meaningful to others.  
Let FOMO (Fear of missing out), the emotional response to the belief that other people are living better, or more important opportunities are being missed, out of your life.  

  1. Set your priorities and say no to everything that is nonessential 

Don’t try to do everything. 

Set your priorities and stay focused on making them a reality. 

Once you can say “no” to things that are nonessential, you can say “yes” to the ones that matter most to you.  
You will eliminate “I’m so busy!” and “I’m too busy!” from your vocabulary. 

  1. Create space and margin in your day 

Be present. Leave your free time as free time. Make the choice that involves your whole family. 
A tip: Take the time to cook and sit down for meals. Have one meal a day with the whole family. It can become a great marker for being “off” from work and shifting into family mode. 

  1. Connect with nature 
  1. Try to find inspiration in the slow living community 

Choose a place to live where you can connect to a slow living community. 
Your home is your shelter, your haven, the site where you recharge yourself. 
Being immersed in a community that shares these same ideals can be very inspirational.  

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The way we choose the house where to live will affect our future lifestyle.  

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Cardinal, the new real estate development in the Aldea Zama zone of Tulum, makes slow living its key feature.  

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