Helping Others Through Their Mental Health Journey, Anna Yako Used Her Influence on Social Media and Powerful Story to Create Self Love Books to Help and Inspire Others to Work through Their Hardships Through Positive Thinking.

Helping Others Through Their Mental Health Journey, Anna Yako Used Her Influence on Social Media and Powerful Story to Create Self Love Books to Help and Inspire Others to Work through Their Hardships Through Positive Thinking.

Mental health has been in the forefront of the news lately. With the pandemic, isolation, and general stress that has surfaced over the past two years, many people found themselves struggling with a number of mental health problems, particularly women. They are not alone. Just like everyone during quarantine, Anna Yako created a Tiktok account simply for fun. She shared her stories, funny skits that were relatable and women empowerment self-help tips. What came out of these videos was much more than she could have ever anticipated. 

“After thousands of comments and millions of views on my Tik Tok platform, I noticed a gap within the popular app. Thousands of women are flooding my messages resonating with my stories and struggling to discover their calling or self-worth. It is easy to fall into the social media domino effect of having your voice get lost in translation. Women more than ever these days are more independent, resilient, and wiser. Women have become stronger making life choices, setting standards for themselves and those around them. On the other spectrum, women would DM me daily asking for advice on how to recover after a breakup, regain self-confidence after having a child, recover emotionally and mentally after a toxic relationship or divorce, and how to prioritize themselves first to meet their needs,” Anna explains. 

Anna had found her calling. After getting married and divorced at a very young age, she found herself unhappy and starting all over as a single mom, while still trying to figure out who she was as a person. Anna had to disconnect from everyone and find her self-worth through spiritual healing and her story resonated with so many women. She decided to take her story, her skills in overcoming these mental health challenges, finding self-love and her advice to a larger platform. Her book provides all of her advice under one roof.  

“I am in the Mental Health and Medical Management Industry. I go on the radio every week to talk about Mental Health on San Diego’s Z90. As you know, Mental Health is on the rise and people don’t know where to get professional services when dealing with real life situations. The company I work for, Serene Health offers mental health services and professional online telehealth therapy services 7 days a week with easy access to therapists who can listen and help. I am a Marketing Director and I do everything from content creation, radio spots, business development to grow the company to contracting with health plans and healthcare providers. I love what I do. We help people every day to live a better life, that’s a great feeling,” Anna states. 

Anna differentiates herself from her competitors by believing in herself and knowing God has her always. She has conquered numerous obstacles in her life including business related ones like long hours and time away from home. Her self-confidence and finding that self-confidence is what has allowed her to achieve so much and become successful.  

“I don’t let failure define me. Everyone makes mistakes. You will fall at some point but get up, take accountability, and correct your mistakes. That’s life. No one is going to get you right, but you! I believe in myself. I know and tell myself I am a winner, and I will get what I want. I manifest and put it out there into existence. I always say I don’t play for fun, I play to win. I show up to everything 10 mins early because being early is being on time and being on time is being late. I am different because I am real and rare. I speak my mind, I work hard and mind my business. I will always tell you how it is and never give you advice that will hurt you as a person. I don’t have anything to sell you because this is me and being me is what got me here. I am achieving all my dreams because I believe in ME. I didn’t gain a great following for no reason, people believe in my message, and I know I can help people to bring out the fire in them. My book will inspire, uplift and remind people that you are in control of your life. Having a reaction with no plan to action, equals failure and no success. Change your mindset and don’t worry about what others will say. Start right now, right here!” Anna exclaims. 

Excited for what the new year holds, Anna is creating a self-love children’s book that teaches kids how to love themselves. She knows the sky’s the limit for her in the new year! 

“I am working on two self-love books. One for children and one for adults. I am excited about the kids book because kids are so innocent and pure. I want parents to know that your child’s mental health matters. What you do at home and how you react instead of acting calmly to things in front of them can and will affect their upbringing. Teach kids that it’s ok to love yourself first before loving others. God is the center focus in my books. My plan is to build on creating more books and helping people through my wisdom, journey, and experiences. My son Dominic is my inspiration, and he helps me in many ways to be a better version of myself. He is helping me write our children’s book, which makes it even more special because the content is coming from a very loving and happy kid,” Anna details. 

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