HAU538, Mexican Digital Art Studio, seeks to promote digital art within the Web3 with low-cost NFTs. 

<strong>HAU538, Mexican Digital Art Studio, seeks to promote digital art within the Web3 with low-cost NFTs.</strong> 
  • Bizarre Octopus is the new collection of HAU538, consisting of 4,444 NFTs, it is intended to showcase new Mexican artists through its talent development program. 

HAU538 is a Digital Art Studio in Mexico that opened its doors a few months ago, its main goal is to become a platform for independent artists in order to project them into the art world of the Web3. 

Bizarre Octopus is one of the 3 NFT projects that will be launched in the coming months, which emerged from the re-imagination of the research work published by the journal Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, entitled: Cause of Cambrian Explosion – Terrestrial or Cosmic?, in which it is explained that there is a great chance that cryopreserved octopus eggs arrived to earth in ice bulbs several hundred million years ago, which would indicate that octopuses are from space. 

Bizarre Octopus will only have a supply of 4,444 NFTs, and what stands out is that the project will be launched at a cost of 0.008 ETH, that is less than 20 USD. Miguel Ángel Guzmán, the projects cofounder, stated: “The NFT space moves very fast, and if you don’t move with it and make short-term decisions, your ideas may never see the light of day”. 

HAU538 has great plans in the foreseeable future, however, in the short term it is working with Alpha groups and different influencers to create small collections that meet the needs of the NFT market. Most of the NFT projects are only successful for a short period of time, and what better way than art and storytelling to be the star in this bear market said Miguel Ángel Guzmán. 

In its holdings, HAU538 oversees two more collections for this year. The first of them is XMess Town NFT, a concept that portrays Christmas and Anti-Christmas through the madness of its characters with a story that shares the theories of why the gifts you asked for this year disappear and how evil, goodness and values come together during the holiday season. The second is Nerdy Bears, small bears with various personalities and willingness’s worthy of being nerds in their own way, and who will soon set up on the Web3 to share their knowledge. 

HAU538, Mexican Digital Art Studio, seeks to position its projects within the world of NFTs at a low cost to be able to publicize their work in digital format. 

Miguel Ángel Guzmán and the team at HAU538 have the mission of establishing themselves as pioneers by creating a connection between NFT collectors through their engagement with artists from the Crypto world. Bizarre Octopus is the second collection of this studio and they have recently announced its mint date on November 18th, 2022 with a supply of 4,444 NFTs at a price of 0.008 ETH. 

More information about Bizarre Octopus is available on the company’s official Twitter profile

Contact details: 


Email Address: patsy@bizarreoctopus.com  

Contact Name: Patsy Carpio 

Contact Phone: +52 55 1825 8843 

Country: Mexico 

Website: https://www.bizarreoctopus.com/