Green Theory is a NC-Based Landscaping Company That Handles Lawn Transformation For Commercial and Residential Clients 

Green Theory is a NC-Based Landscaping Company That Handles Lawn Transformation For Commercial and Residential Clients 

Johnny (Jay) Han is the founder of Green Theory, a landscaping company that handles lawn transformation for commercial and residential clients in Charlotte and surrounding areas in North Carolina. 

“Landscaping is one of the first things people see when they visit a place. At Green Theory we do our best to provide advice and quality to help give the homeowner or property manager the maintenance-free lawn they dreamed of enjoying.” Johnny shares.

Green Theory specializes in providing large scale Homeowners Associations and residents’ homes services in pressure washing, soft washing, gutter cleaning, lawn maintenance, tree installation, stump removal, material delivery, and many other areas. 

We make every effort to partner with other suppliers to offer the best prices for our customers in specialty areas of work. We make sure to verify our partners before recommending them to our customers.” Johnny explains, and adds, “Our mission is ‘Giving customers time back.’ We do this by addressing the lawn care needs of our clients.”

Johnny Han and his wife Davina Han are both members of the Army National Guard, which has shaped and taught them to understand dedication to mission accomplishment and not stopping until you see results.

The Army has taught us many skills, from specific jobs to training in random occupational specialties, such as lawn care, floor cleaning, truck washing, gate guarding, and other various skills. What stuck with me was lawn care. When I finally became a homeowner, I wanted our lawn to look pristine and to learn the process necessary to keep it healthy and green. I took it as a challenge to conquer.” Johnny shares.

Johnny and his wife started Green Theory because they realized the need for services in their local economy, which is growing rapidly, and wanted to be the company that can effectively give time back to customers, ensuring they are taken care of while creating lasting relationships through quality service and education. 

Green Theory has been in business for some years and one of the biggest obstacles they have overcome so far is the number of competitors in the area due to the low barrier to entry into the profession. 

There are a lot of landscaping companies and my way of differentiating Green Theory is to have systems and innovation to offer better services to our clients.” Johnny points out.

Green Theory differentiates itself from its competition through customer service and dedication, treating every project large or small with the utmost care and professionalism. 

When we come to a client’s home or community for an estimate, or to start the project, we educate them on the process, and record the project from start to finish on our body camera and other applications for their records. We want them to feel comfortable after they hired us to tackle the job.” He comments.

At Green Theory, they use the latest technology in hardware and software, and their equipment is top-notch. They make sure there are updates throughout the progress of the project and follow up with clients to see how everything is going and if they are happy with the results. 

We do everything like a well-oiled veteran company that has been in the industry for years.” Johnny states.

Johnny and Green Theory have several projects to launch in the near future such as French drains installation, walking path install, an outdoor barbecue area, and a few other things. 

We are expanding our landscaping services further. We want to continue to expand our portfolio to ensure that our growing list of clients are being served. One project we are very excited about is pressure washing for an entire church campus. We can’t wait to see the results and show it off to the church congregation. The before and after photos are sure to receive positive reviews. We love to exceed customer expectations.” Johnny shares.

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