Going To College is Huge. This is Why Every High Schooler Should Connect With VoicED and Benefit From its Preparation Courses

Going To College is Huge. This is Why Every High Schooler Should Connect With VoicED and Benefit From its Preparation Courses

Ava Gencheva is an educator, entrepreneur, and creator of VoicED, a unique academy for college readiness that focuses on leveraging each student’s gifts to support, empower, and foster growth. 

VoicED creates a distinct learning environment where students strengthen their weaknesses and master their strengths through a flexible format. This proprietary method harnesses the power of language to provide each student with mastery of the written and spoken word. 

Currently, VoicED classes include comprehensive one-on-one orientation, comprehensive college counseling, entrepreneurship workshops, college admission masterclasses, and public speaking courses.

Our game-changing program transforms an insecure teen into a powerhouse of ideas, capable of claiming the spotlight and achieving exponential personality growth. All of our courses teach students to stand out from the crowd by displaying proper written and spoken skills–skills that never fail to improve as they study with us.” Shares Ava.

Ava has been working in education for over 18 years and what led her to create VoicED was that she observed how, despite curriculum enhancement, students had serious personality gaps and struggled to succeed in the college process. This encouraged her to get involved with more personalized attention.

One of the biggest obstacles Ava has faced has been the continual growth and activity that a business demands while continuing the same level of personalized attention. The business can never remain stagnant, and this requires a lot of attention and effort.

“It’s a continual obstacle to overcome the problem most businesses face: expanding and continuing to provide value on an ongoing basis. There are obstacles around every corner, but my desire is greater than the obstacles.” Ava comments.

One of the things needed to overcome obstacles is to have a good mindset and keep that positive thinking throughout the process. Having the right mindset will help surpass challenges and stay focused.

Many people think that to start a business, one first have to get funding, location, products, collaboration, and customers. Some even wait for the stars to align in their favor. But having the mindset is actually the first ingredient. Staying focused and resilient is more important than any external element.” Ava states.

In the college counseling business, Ava and VoicED stand out in the college counseling business because of their focus on solutions for clients. Ava allows each client to perceive its services as an investment rather than a purchase and takes each client’s feedback very seriously because each client is unique.

In search of constant improvement, Ava’s next logical step is focused on transitioning to expanding the on-site area while continuing to improve and expand the online option.

For me, a fascinating project is the VoicEDx project, in which we will see young writers present their ideas on stage and be seen and heard by the world,” Ava says.

Ava will continue to conduct courses and workshops and organize events and contests to continue reaching out to every student who needs support during their preparation for university study.

In July, the workshop on How to Write the Common Application Essay is one of the most comprehensive programs for any high school student interested in shaping an outstanding college profile,” Ava explains.

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