Dr. Sas Believes that Empowering Women Benefits Everyone. That is Why She Has Dedicated Her Life to Just that.

Dr. Sas Believes that Empowering Women Benefits Everyone. That is Why She Has Dedicated Her Life to Just that.

Born in Thailand and moving to the United States when she was only 12 years old, Sasitorn Sukkasem, better known as Dr. Sas has learned to be resilient through her many life experiences including putting herself through college and becoming an officer in the U.S air force. 

While she is the owner of multiple businesses and the hallmark of success in a variety of industries, it is her women empowerment, life coaching, and spirit connection business that has gained her notoriety. Her programs at Awakened Goddess, LLC encourage people to discover the real them, heal the past, and unlock their full potential in a way they never thought possible.

All I have ever wanted was to help people.  I had overcome many painful and difficult obstacles in life and I wanted to lessen the pain of others and help them through their life journeys – to make it less rocky, more attainable, more healthy, more joyful, and with fulfillment.  Over the years I recognize that the best way I can contribute to humanity and this has become my mission in life – to guide aspiring women to joyfully express their true essence,” Dr. Sas explains.

In addition to all her professional accolades, Dr. Sas has also been through a number of personal experiences that have led her down this path. However, Dr. Sas never gave up and it was these moments that helped inspire her current female empowerment business.  After being in a terrible car accident, getting divorced, and being a single mom, she filed for bankruptcy and saw that she can morph her career in a way that maximizes her contribution to humanity in a greater way.   And that was how Awakened Goddess, LLC came into inception.   It was the moments of challenges in her life that inspire her to empower women to rise up.

I started on years of personal research  and enrolled myself in so much more education that had expanded my vision of the meaning of life, health, joy, and fulfillment.  My passion has always been to help people live a healthier life.  With what I learned up until now I realized that health is more than just what we put in our mouth, it is a triad of mind/body/spirit. Through these experiences, research, studies, mentors, and many years of trials and errors I believe I have cracked the code of true success/ health/ and happiness,” Dr. Sas recounts.

Dr. Sas sees her role as an empowerer for women as a benefit to everyone and part of a larger betterment of society. Her motivational speaking focuses on this and much more. 

Today’s women leaders and entrepreneurs continue to live in the shadow of social perception and expectations. When culture and history dictates the trajectory of success, we must redefine what it means to be a true leader and to achieve real success.  From self-respect to creating a new perspective, every thought counts when we want to change our surroundings and ultimately our world. You will discover how to empower from within, to balance mind/body/spirit, to lead from the place of love to reach fulfillment, and to master self-perceptions,” Dr. Sas states.

She is not slowing down any time soon! Dr. Sas is launching a podcast and a book series to amplify her message and provide more resources to those looking to follow in her footsteps. To find out more about Dr. Sas, check out her instagram here and her website here.