Get to Know Cintya Velderrain Beauty: The Beauty Salon Ranked As a Top Bridal Beauty Vendor in Houston That Has Won the Best of Wedding Awards For 5 Years In A Row!

Get to Know Cintya Velderrain Beauty: The Beauty Salon Ranked As a Top Bridal Beauty Vendor in Houston That Has Won the Best of Wedding Awards For 5 Years In A Row!

Women have been paving the path for entrepreneurs in every industry for many decades. In fact, women entrepreneurs have been able to withstand economic and business pressures to be the best. According to the data, female entrepreneurs make up about one-third of all the world’s entrepreneurs. The latest statistics also suggest that there are around 252 million female business owners globally!

Today, the list of women entrepreneurs spans many industries. That’s when Cintya Velderrain comes in! Cintya is a beauty specialist who runs a successful hair and make up salon. She has an extensive background in International business and got her cosmetology license in 2003. Every year, Cintya trains in something different in order to remain relevant in such a competitive industry. Currently she has a team of 15 amazing women who create beauty together and love what they do.

“What characterizes me and makes me different is my ability to connect with people. I love being able to help women on their special occasions, it makes me really happy that they have an extraordinary experience when they are with us and that they feel the certainty that there is no need to worry about their beauty services because we are going to make their dreams come true”, Cintya explains.

She founded her beauty studio in 2013. While looking for something to do, she was inspired by a very special and talented makeup artist at her sister’s wedding and decided to enroll in beauty school in Florida. Shortly after that she became a mom and then she moved to Atlanta, Georgia where she specialized in HD make up. Soon, Cintya started working with professional photographers and she loved it! After 8 years in Atlanta she and her family moved to the Houston area, where she opened her own studio as a full hair and make up salon.

The high quality of their work and the services they offer has earned Cintya and her team several important awards within the industry. What’s more, her beauty salon is ranked as a top Bridal Beauty Vendor in Houston and has won the Best of Wedding Awards for 5 years in a row. 

“I have just returned from the New York Fashion week and it has been a totally satisfactory experience. A dream came true. I met extremely talented people who were hard-working and determined to succeed. I found a group of colleagues who support and admire each other, that encourages me to continue with my expansion ideas and reaffirms that I am on the right track: the path of success!”, Cintya details.

She is an expert enhancing the natural beauty of all her clients and her target is focused on brides who want to look like themselves, just a more sophisticated and beautiful version!

“For me, success is when I achieve my goals and inspire someone who wants to do the same as me. That fills me with great joy. Success is feeling proud of my achievements, whether they are small or big. Success is sharing my knowledge with other girls. Success is creating synergy and creating something bigger than I originally imagined!”, she adds.

Cintya is currently working on promoting destination weddings, since she already has a group of hair and makeup professionals in the Riviera Maya. That way, brides from the United States can count on the support of an American company to plan their look and have the certainty that they will be attended in their language with the same quality of service. 

“In the future we’ll expand to more destination weddings and be able to create beauty teams with our same quality standards in other cities, this seems super exciting to me!”, Cintya shares.

To find out more about her work, check out her website here. You can also follow Cintya on Instagram here.