Get to Know “Beyond Cheaters The Detective Gomez Files”: The Successful Podcast Hosted By Detective Daniel Gomez. Check Out More Below!

Get to Know “Beyond Cheaters The Detective Gomez Files”: The Successful Podcast Hosted By Detective Daniel Gomez. Check Out More Below!

Detective Daniel Gomez is quite an amazing businessman and entrepreneur. He owns a private detective agency based in one of the largest metroplexes in the U.S., Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. What’s more, he offers a broad range of services, including corporate investigations such as background checks and surveillance, and private investigations such as surveillance of a loved one, background checks and counseling on the uses of tracking devices.

After many years in law enforcement, Daniel was offered a unique experience as the lead detective for a television show. This career change led him to a position for one of the top detective shows, still seen around the world. After he ended his 20+ years career in television, he decided that he wanted to teach the public what he had learned with his years of investigative and surveillance work so he opened his own detective agency and launched a very successful podcast, where he shares useful information, tips and some of his craziest cases!

The podcast is called “Beyond cheaters The Detective Gomez Files” and it is available on iTunes, iHeartradio and Spotify.

“I did not want anyone else to experience the emotional pain of a cheating partner/spouse. I saw using a podcast a good way to educate people on navigating a cheating spouse, and sharing some of my varied life experiences.  I have seen and experienced thousands of cases that can be used to educate others”, Daniel shares.

His podcast stands out from the crowd because it is really unique. In fact, Daniel is the only private detective that has the vast experience that he possesses. He has many years of experience in law enforcement and as the lead detective for a world renowned cheating television show. In addition, he is one of the few private detectives that is truly trying to help others and not trying to capitalize on the suffering of others.

“I have experienced many different cases, involving many types of people, and I think that everyone can learn from these past cases that I have worked on.  Someone out there can learn from the mistakes of the cheaters and liars that I have chased in past cases.  My main purpose is to stop others from being blind sided by a cheating spouse/partner”, Daniel adds.

Being a latino man Daniel is able to recognize the need for investigative services for individuals in the community with language barriers. This gives him hope knowing that he is able to help solve issues with individuals in their lives, whether it’s good or bad!

But of course, starting a successful podcast was not an easy task at all. The biggest challenge that Detective Gomez had to overcome was finding enough time to learn the processes but later produce his episodes. He continues to work full time at his detective agency, and some weeks there is limited time for work outside of his investigations. As he learned and got better, it became easier to produce a good product to express himself!

Since its launch, Beyond Cheaters The Detective Gomez Files has been a smash hit and has a huge audience of listeners who love the content that Daniel produces. 

“Success to me is not measured in income or net profit.  I consider success a job well done or a case that is fully investigated and delivered to the client in a healthy manner.  Success is a podcast that teaches someone how to empower themselves. Success is a client that got the information that they needed and was able to take control of the situation instead of being the victim”, Daniel explains.

This is definitely a podcast to listen to! If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor for “Beyond Cheaters The Detective Gomez Files” or if you’re looking for more information about the podcast, click here. Also, to find out more about Daniel, follow him on Instagram here