From TV Creative Director To Content Creator & Best-Selling Author: This Is The Success Story Of Veronica Castagno!

<strong>From TV Creative Director To Content Creator & Best-Selling Author: This Is The Success Story Of Veronica Castagno!</strong>

Veronica Castagno is an amazing woman. Her story is a source of resilience, hard work and inspiration to all of us. She is a successful content creator and a best-selling author. But the truth is that her path in the business world began in a very different way.

Veronica used to be a TV Creative Director for over 15 years. She was in charge of a large group of amazing creatives, she had her own Extreme Sports TV Show which had more ratings than soccer, and she directed many soccer tournaments campaigns from Fifa to Uefa and many more. But that ‘s not all! Veronica also won 15 Telly Awards with her TV projects and was a very recognized personality in the industry. 

But in 2016 her life, and her career, changed drastically. Suddenly, all the hispanic networks in LA, where she used to work, closed their productions or shut down completely. All Veronica’s clients were let go and  abruptly she found herself without any source of income and completely disoriented. What to do next?, she asked herself daily.

“I knew my job was ending, there were too many layoffs around me and I knew that I had to adapt to the new era, new technologies and online platforms. I chose to make food tutorials because I wanted to show a family friendly content that moms could watch with their kids and their grandmothers together. Fun and entertainment for everyone in the family!” Veronica shares.

Now she is a family friendly, food and lifestyle social media content creator. She has more than 660.000 followers on Facebook, a big community that loves her great work and that has a lot of engagement with her content. She also works pretty well with Instagram, where she has over 120.000 followers.

Veronica is also the author of the best-selling book “Baking basics with a Latin Twist”, which also has a Spanish version called “La Biblia de la Repostería”. Currently, she has greatly diversified her work and sources of income, so she also teaches paid online classes for her online community about seasonal cooking, and works with many well-known brands in sponsored campaigns. Without a doubt, Veronica does it all!

But of course, she had to work really hard and learn a lot about the social media industry to become this successful. Also, starting from scratch was not easy for her. Surely this would have brought down anyone, but not her! She explains part of the challenges she has faced in her career below:

“Losing everything when I thought I was pretty much set in life and when I turned 40 was very difficult for me. Starting from zero in a world that doesn’t care how many awards you won in your past work life or who you were before. Looking back, I applaud my attitude of having the courage to reinvent myself in front of the eyes of all of my peers, family and friends and everyone who saw me try so hard.”

Now, she manages to stand out from the crowd by the great quality of her content. Because competition has increased so much in social media, creativity, strategy, and resourcefulness must be prioritized now more than ever before. Veronica produces high quality videos, just like the ones she produced for TV. She also has a strong branding, what it’s crucial on social media. She understands that her content must be consistent with her brand in order to succeed and that having a solid brand will make her strategy more efficient and effective. 

“On camera, I’m very spontaneous and I LOVE talking with my community, making it a safe, fun and entertaining space. Everything I make is extremely easy for people to follow and that’s a recipe for success”, Veronica adds.

For Veronica, being on social media opened the doors to a whole new world of opportunities and exposure. And, as she admits, mindset plays an indispensable role in this competitive, and sometimes tough, industry. For the first four years she didn’t see a dime, but she never gave up. Quite the opposite. Deep down, she always knew that her business was going to work, so in the meantime she relied on the love she had for her work and how much fun she had creating videos for her community. The rest is history!

When you have a business idea in your head you need to firmly believe in it so you can manifest the end results you desire. And also, it’s important to dare to dream big, because when you can see it, you can make it happen”, Veronica advises.

One of the things she loves most about food content is that it also reflects traditions, culture and values. They are not just recipes, they’re a way of living and understanding life. Veronica uses her social media to share incredible moments and to have fun with her entire community!

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