From Classroom to Author: Ethan Malveaux’s Inspiring Journey to Improve Education

From Classroom to Author: Ethan Malveaux’s Inspiring Journey to Improve Education

Ethan Malveaux is a historian, author, and executive producer whose journey through life has been marked by a deep passion for education and a determination to make a difference in the way American children are taught. 

Born in October 1979 to a divorced mother, Ethan’s educational path was shaped by his attendance at private parochial schools, including Iona Grammar and Fordham Preparatory School. It was at Fordham Prep, run by the Jesuits, that he found a unique and effective form of education that would later inspire his career. 

Ethan graduated from Fordham University with a BA degree in political science. However, his educational journey faced a temporary interruption due to financial constraints.

“My mother and I struggled to find the means to continue my education, but after eighteen years of perseverance, we finally secured a house and the financial footing necessary for me to pursue a master’s degree in history at Harvard University.” Ethan recounts.

During this period, Ethan worked as a teacher at a parish school. He began as a 5th-grade teacher and later became an Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) instructor for teenagers. 

It was during this time that he became acutely aware of the inadequacies in the public school curriculum. This experience further fueled his commitment to improving the education system.

Ethan’s initial foray into entrepreneurship was an attempt to start an education tutorial business in 2016. However, the project encountered difficulties, primarily because he couldn’t assemble the right team with the necessary tech expertise to bring his vision to life. He firmly believed that education reform required collaboration and technological proficiency, making it impossible for him to go it alone.

“What motivated me to enter the world of education entrepreneurship was seeing the need for an alternative to the current education system. The political and lobbying influences in the American education system post the 1960s and 1970s had hindered the necessary updates to the curriculum. The vital exchange of knowledge between generations was not occurring efficiently, and I was determined to address this issue.” Ethan explains.

As an entrepreneur, Ethan faced numerous challenges. Finding competent individuals who believed in his vision was a significant obstacle. He had witnessed the impact of trust and honesty in business while interning at a law firm. The actions of a dishonest business partner led to severe consequences. This experience reinforced his belief that honesty and trust are crucial for building a strong personal and business brand.

For Ethan, mindset is a critical factor when starting a business. Founders must have a clear and focused mindset that aligns with the purpose of their product. Discipline is also essential for any entrepreneur. He echoes Tai Lopez’s advice to determine whether you are a manager or an owner, emphasizing the importance of this distinction in the entrepreneurial mindset.

Most recently, Ethan authored a book called “The Color Line: A History,” which explored the development of the European color line and its various manifestations in Europe and America. His book anticipated current cultural upheavals and demonstrates his unique insight.

Ethan’s diverse talents, including being a published author, public speaker, and artist, set him apart. His ability to engage with various forms of media and his experience in optical design adds depth to his profile. You can also follow him on YouTube

In the coming year, Ethan’s primary project is to secure income that will allow him to complete his degree at Harvard while maintaining a lifestyle that supports his future goals.

Are you passionate about improving education and making a positive impact on the lives of American children? Join Ethan Malveaux in his mission to transform the way we teach and learn. Whether you’re an educator, entrepreneur, or simply someone who cares about the future of education, your support and collaboration can make a difference.