From Amazon Bestseller to Shaklee Ambassador: Rosangelica Medina Barroeta's New Chapter

From Amazon Bestseller to Shaklee Ambassador: Rosangelica Medina Barroeta's New Chapter

In a world brimming with stories of resilience and success, few tales are as inspiring as that of Rosangelica Medina Barroeta.

A Venezuelan mother, accomplished writer, and seasoned entrepreneur, Rosangelica’s journey embodies the essence of transformation and unwavering determination.

Her path, marked by trials and triumphs, led her to become an Amazon best-selling author, with “Beyond the Mirror” as her debut masterpiece. As she embarks on a new chapter, Rosangelica is set to make an impact again as she joins Shaklee as an ambassador and an integral part of their image.

At the age of 19, Rosangelica was battling an eating disorder that almost cost her life. Yet, it was in her darkest hour, standing before a large mirror, that she made a life-changing decision.

In her words, “I felt the presence of God urging me to undertake a personal battle that ended with my complete recovery.”

Rosangelica’s writing talent became her refuge, a means to express herself and confront her inner demons. She channeled her recovery journey into “Beyond the Mirror,” a book that resonated with thousands of readers and quickly became an Amazon bestseller, selling over 3,000 copies within nine hours of publication.

In 2019, she embarked on a new adventure by joining a multilevel marketing company in the health and beauty industry.

Rosangelica’s decision to join this company was driven by her desire for freedom, independence, and personal growth. Drawing from her experiences and her journey, she aims to inspire and impact even more women, building on the success of her first book, and in 2021, Rosangelica began working on her second book, focusing on empowering women.

Now, Rosangelica is stepping into a new chapter of her entrepreneurial journey as she joins Shaklee, a company specializing in vitamins and supplements, as an ambassador and a prominent face. Her dedication to personal development, resilience in the face of adversity, and passion for helping others make her an invaluable addition to Shaklee’s team.

As she embarks on this exciting new venture with Shaklee, she brings the same determination and commitment that have defined her path so far.

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