Frank Moreno Teaches Basic Business to Creative Entrepreneurs to Achieve their Goals 

Frank Moreno Teaches Basic Business to Creative Entrepreneurs to Achieve their Goals 

Frank Moreno is an entrepreneur and creative Mexican. He is the person behind Endor, a publicity agency for national and international brands. It has been recognized as an Excellent Service Enterprise at the BIZ Awards.

Frank has been into entrepreneurship and building his own things from a young age. When he was 8, his father gave him a box for polishing shoes, so naturally, Frank started polishing shoes to earn some money. This cultivated a potential for creating new entrepreneurships growing up.

In 2006 Frank discovered his love for musical concerts. His brother was in charge of organizing electronic music events, and let Frank be part of the process. This way, 2 years later, Frank became an official Concert Promoter. He even got to be responsible for bringing LMFAO during its peak moment to Mexico. Sadly, 15 days before the concert the band canceled its performance due to security issues in the country.

This represented a big setback economically. They had to return all the money from the tickets and had lost the investment put into such a show. Despite the disappointment and the economic burden, to Frank “giving up was not an option”

He immersed himself into other businesses, like the food and restaurants one, but returned to what he really liked: music. As Event Manager, he organized the Sumr Fest, the first urban music festival in Mexico with artists like Pitbull, Flo Rida, Sean Kingston, among others. 

After returning to university and obtaining his degree, he decided to put into practice his marketing knowledge. This is how Endor was born with many challenges in the way. “The first 4 years were very complicated; we had to close 3 times. Step by step with hard work, we were having more clients and became profitable. In 2016, we positioned at number 149 in the best agency in Mexico ranking of Merca 2.0, commented Frank.

With time and a $100,000 investment, Frank improved his brand with professionals in administration, finance, processes, IT, commercial strategy, operations and others. Endor became a structured company and has shaped into what it is today.

Being in the entrepreneurship world since very young has taught Frank many things. He has shared his experience as a TEDx speaker and has broken the Guinness record of “the most watched marketing class” in 2021 alongside EXMA, from where he has a speaker certificate as well. To future entrepreneurs, he recommends providing a product or service that satisfies a necessity of the target you’re aiming at. Also, it is imperative to have a business model, know how to monetize and scale your business; differentiate yourself from others, and finally, invest in good marketing.

This year, Frank moved to Miami, Florida to expand Endor and his personal brand. He will be publishing his first book in August and hopes to keep helping people increase their businesses, now in other parts of the world too.  “I want to cause an impact on creative entrepreneurs in Latin America so they can live off what they love ”, he states. He’s convinced that they only need basic business knowledge to boost their ideas.