Extradited tech tycoon Lynch says battle 'far from over'

Extradited tech tycoon Lynch says battle 'far from over'

The extradited British technology tycoon Mike Lynch has told allies his battle “is far from over” weeks after appearing in an American court for the first time.

Sky News has seen a note from Mr Lynch to allies and supporters in which he accused authorities of overturning an agreement about his bail conditions and reflected on the “tremendous toll” that his decade-long legal travails have taken on him and his family.

Mr Lynch was flown to California last week to face fraud charges after losing a protracted fight in the UK against his extradition.

The billionaire founder of Autonomy, the software company, has been embroiled in multiple legal fights since its $11bn sale in 2011 to Hewlett Packard.

Last week’s court hearing saw Mr Lynch ordered to pay a $100m bail bond to secure his release after Judge Charles Breyer said he posed a “serious and substantial” flight risk.

In his note to supporters, sent earlier this week, he reiterated his belief that his case should be tried in the UK – where Autonomy was based, listed and audited.

“I hold on to the fact that extradition is not conviction, and the battle is far from over,” he wrote.