Everyone is Talking About NFTs, But The Rameniers are the First Truly Unique Ramen-Inspired Tokens: Learn More

Everyone is Talking About NFTs, But The Rameniers are the First Truly Unique Ramen-Inspired Tokens: Learn More

The world has been gradually changing over the years, and some events have driven more innovation than others. For example, the advent of COVID led to many permanent changes in all industries and businesses in the world. 

Just so, the emergence of cryptocurrencies years ago with Bitcoin changed the economy forever. Most recently, it has led to new ways of doing business and generating income through non-fungible tokens or NFTs.

NFTs operate in an ecosystem of blockchain which allows particular tokens to be monetized. NFTs are associated with videogames, art and even with digital communities of people who share the love of something. This is the case with The Rameniers, the world’s first ramen community based NFTs.

“The idea behind this innovation has been to create the world’s first restaurant completely financed through Blockchain technology using the advantages offered by non-fungible tokens or NFTs.” Claim the creators of The Rameniers.

In this way, the owner of a Ramenier will have access to exclusive benefits such as: discounts in the most prestigious ramen restaurants in the world, and income from the secondary market of the NFT up to 15% of the royalties. 

Moreover, people who own a Ramenier will have access to exclusive culinary sessions performed by renowned chefs of the ramen world. Categories such as Noodles and Katsuoboshi will be the priority in part of future projects.

“Depending on the rarity of the NFT that each person obtains, they will receive a percentage of the revenue that the restaurant generates. They will also receive content from the most important chefs in the world.” They explain.

The Rameniers are a collection of 10,000 unique and exclusive collectible works in NFT format created under the Ethereum Blockchain and inspired by the main ingredients of ramen. 

As everything related to the NFTs, The Rameniers also have a roadmap, where it is explained to the general public and ramen enthusiasts how the project will be developed until its conclusion with the creation of the first Ramen restaurant funded exclusively by The Rameniers NFTs.

The Pre-Sale of these NFTs will begin on March 15th of this year and you can purchase your Rameniers through the crypto wallet MetaMask. The Rameniers will cost 0.15 ETH in the public sale; and 0.1 ETH in Pre-Sale (Approx 300 dollars at the current Ether price). 

The Pre-Sale will be limited to 500 people who enter the whitelist, which gives special benefits to the first people who support the project, such as early access, and a special price for the sale of the NFT.

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