Eugene Fanfan Wanted to Build Financial Freedom for Himself and His Family. He Did that and Is Now Teaching Others to Do The Same. 

Eugene Fanfan Wanted to Build Financial Freedom for Himself and His Family. He Did that and Is Now Teaching Others to Do The Same. 

Many successful people who we regard as some of the foremost experts in the business world started off their careers finding a path that was right for them. This included bouts of time where they were living paycheck to paycheck and struggling to make ends meet. 

Eugene Fanfan was one of these entrepreneurs. Born to two Haitian parents in Miami, Eugene thought that the corporate world was the one for him. Shortly after graduating college, he realized that he needed something more and something different in his life.

“I was able to secure a scholarship and attended the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida where I now reside. I graduated with two bachelor’s degrees in 2011. Thankfully, I immediately secured work and started off working for corporate america for about a year or so only to realize this was not my dream. Fastforward and I was living paycheck to paycheck. I knew that a job could never provide me the means of financial freedom for my family, so I made the decision to transition to entrepreneurship. Through my entrepreneurship, I was able to obtain financial freedom and time freedom,” Eugene recounts.

Now, Eugene runs his own financial services and short term rental business. His motivation for his business is two-fold. First, Eugene wanted to give back to the community of Tampa to ensure that people had access to real financial services that could help them master the art of creating wealth. Second, Eugene wanted to build something that would help him and his family both in terms of finances, but also in terms of being able to spend time as a family!

“My main reason why I got started in business is to be able to provide the best life for my family and to provide financial freedom for my family. I also want to be an example to the community that you do not have to come from money to run a successful business. I started off in the car business and ran it for 6 years before transitioning to the financial literacy industry where I am able to educate my community on credit and wealth. I also started a short term rental business where I provide hospitality to people that are traveling to my city for vacation or for business. All in all, building business to build true generational wealth and leave a legacy for my family,” Eugene states.

What differentiates Eugene from others in this business is that he doesn’t think that he is the master of all things business or credit. Eugene is always happy to learn new things and new practices to make himself an even better entrepreneur.

“I’m always learning something new and looking to perform at my optium where I can always pour into people. I always have the whatever it takes mentality. I will always focus on finding a solution to a problem,” Eugene says.

For all those looking to follow in his footsteps, Eugene has a piece of advice:

“Do research on the business you want to start and also look for a mentor that can guide you through the process,” Eugene details.

Despite the financial freedom that he has reached, Eugene isn’t planning on slowing down. He is looking to build a community where he can teach people on  how to obtain time freedom and build a legacy through entrepreneurship. To keep up with all that Eugene is doing, follow him on instagram here.