Escuela de Nada Leo Rojas: Internet Entrepreneur, Diversifies His Internet & Media Content

Escuela de Nada Leo Rojas: Internet Entrepreneur, Diversifies His Internet & Media Content

With the invention of the internet and social media, we are being bombarded with tons of content and information. As users, we have so many options for everything: products, services, entertainment. So much that it is impossible to consume and remember everything. But from the point of view from the creator, the challenge is to be remembered in these overpopulated platforms.

Leo Rojas, comedian, podcaster and content creator, managed to be memorable. He did not stay in a single platform with a single type of content, but he transformed into a content creator entrepreneur. He managed to diversify his internet presence thanks to Escuela de Nada and podcasting.

“On the internet, people forget quickly. This makes you reinvent yourself every day. Between project and project you are betting that something will work out. There’s always fear but you also know when something has potential. Or at least that’s a power you develop with the years in the industry”, he comments.

Leo’s journey began as one of the first youtubers in Venezuelain El Test Incómodo (2007), a show that interviewed people on the streets. This first job in media allowed him to network with other comedians that started creating content in the country. In 2014, Leo was host of Temporada de Conejos, a pranks show in Latin America.

Later, in 2018, Leo co-created Escuela de Nada, a comedy podcast that escalated massively. It is one of the most listened comedy podcasts in the world; ranked in more than 70 countries in Chartable. With this, EDN Media House was born, an internet content producer that develops podcasts and comedy events.

If you ask Leo what led him to start his businesses, he answers that one thing led to another. With every idea he’s had and has developed, he also met people that dared to invent and create with him. This is also why he recommends having the right people who are on the same page as you. In his case, guided by his intuition, he has worked with friends and people he trusts.

“Understand that the first year is difficult in any industry. It requires a lot of patience and to not compare with others. There are thousands of work hours behind those people and reference projects that are not seen so easily”, shares Leo about beginning your own projects. 

Leo says that he “doesn’t believe to be special”, but he identifies as a hard worker and that he is always doing something related to his projects. But even if his features are just like other people’s, Leo’s specialty consists of standing out and being present in the entertainment and media industry despite the challenges throughout all these years.

His success in EDN has led him to be an entrepreneur in other areas as well. He built a sports complex in Mexico City, La Jaula. He’s the director of Artie Data, a musical app; and has his own content agency, where he develops digital strategies for music artists in any part of the world. 

For the future, Leo is working to open a new coffee shop in Mexico City. It will be a small place where people can go to take a break from whatever they are doing, or have a call while eating breakfast. Also, he is working to launch something very special with EDN Media House: their first signed artists. Right now, Leo is touring with his EDN’s peers and you can find tickets here

To Leo, mindset is more important than money. Investment can be found in many ways and from many sources, but having your head in the right place is a great advantage that only you can have. “We all have millions of ideas, but how many of them really become true?” Leo already has some in progress; can’t wait to see what will come next!