Entrepreneurship in The Words of The Entrepreneur Hugo Tellez, A Man That Has Been in Business Since 17

Entrepreneurship in The Words of The Entrepreneur Hugo Tellez, A Man That Has Been in Business Since 17

Entrepreneurship has always been a big part of the life of successful people. People with drive and great minds like to explore, create new things, and help others.

This is the same view Hugo Tellez transmits when talking about his business. He is an entrepreneur himself, and for how he speaks, he will probably be one for the rest of his life. This seems a logical consequence for someone committed to improving lives through their work.

However, his path has not been easy. He says challenging paths are normal and people should not stop working and trying until they succeed. For him, this has been a life lesson. He says,

“In the end, I learned that not fighting for what you want the most is the hardest thing. Today I looked behind me and I know it was all worth it.” Hugo says.

Tellez is focused on the entertainment industry but admits his businesses are very diverse; something experts strongly advise. But the fact is that what truly motivates him is creating opportunities for those who need them most. He had always wanted to innovate and change the rules. 

“Out there you see too many businesses that are all the same”. Hugo adds.

When asked about what is the hardest challenge for a startup, he says it is reaching the audience. Because society is used to the same old services and products it takes great effort to show them, and convince them that what you have to offer is also valuable. But Tellez seems optimistic about this as he assures a change is in the making.

People who criticize can be an obstacle too, he admits. A piece of advice from him would be to not listen to anyone that doesn’t have results or their own startup. Empty opinions bring nothing to the table. 

“Believe in what you do and don’t give up. Enjoy the process and the magic of it” Hugo says. 

And with this, he addresses fear and the toll it supposes for businesses. Although it is natural to the human mind, one has to be careful not to allow it to stop us. Tellez thinks fear should be employed as a catapult to prevent future problems and move forward. 

For Hugo, mindset is key. Is the one thing that will get you through the obstacles, and overcoming obstacles is what he defines as succeeding. Every single battle counts because they are the path you had to walk to get where you are now. But success is not something permanent for him. 

“You have to constantly elevate your goals in order to achieve success,” Hugo advises. 

Hugo is a man that started a business at 17 years old and ran it until he got to a phase that enabled him to work for an audience of non–entrepreneurs. Because he acknowledges not everyone wants to have a startup. 

When asked about his future moves in the business industry, Hugo said he cannot reveal them since everything he and his team have come up with has been innovative. Innovation is the one thing that has kept competitors out of his way. 

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